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Citywide location computer

locates anyone, anytime, with use of implant.
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A main central computer at city hall receives information from a satellite that locates the brain implants people got as a child. This would be great for catching criminals. Brain implants would be nonremovable.
howdybob, Apr 24 2003

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       gah! nononononononono. this is way too much like 1984.
igirl, Apr 24 2003

       Obligatory *Where's StarChaser when you need 'em to beat up on this idea* Post
thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

       //brain implants// You go first. We'll just implant this fishbone-shaped transmitter for a test swim.
Don Quixote, Apr 24 2003

       If *nobody* is trustworthy, who works at city hall?   

       Last I checked, brain surgery was still dangerous and expensive. Multiply 30,000 bucks times the population of the planet and I think you pretty well tank the global economy just in startup costs.
lurch, Apr 24 2003

       I would want to say major invasion of privacy, but the government (at least the one here) has got no privacy protection laws, and would probably be pretty eager to have something like this....
LoneRifle, Apr 25 2003

       [tombomb] just because a genre of idea is always fishboned doesn't mean the genre should be banned...   

       meanwhile, this proposal would lead to a terrible reality. the number of privacy infractions and the opportunity to circumvent nearly all basic democratic rights are just overwhelming when held against the ability to locate anyone at any time for legitimate reasons.   

       to quote the author, this would be great for catching criminals. but it would also be great for spying on private citizens without legal cause.
urbanmatador, Apr 25 2003

       uhhh...can anyone say BIGBROTHER? There's two sides to this coin, I can understand ppl wanting to catch criminals easier and stuff, but where does it stop?! In the last couple centuries or so are privacy has continued to be invaded upon more and more. What's next. Besides, whenever a new technology is developed criminals make something to counteract it.
koolcj291, Dec 02 2003


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