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Chemical Brain Interface

Chemical-based Computer Interface to the Brain
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Provide a means to introduce neurochemicals selectively to the central nervous system, especially the limbic system. This would enable an emotional or sensory interface rather than an intellect-based one. It could be an aid to psychotherapy or an active prosthetic for helping people cope and function with their mental illness. It might also be used recreationally, alone or in groups.
Turok, Feb 12 2002


       Any notion as to how you would actually deliver the chemicals?  Also, would the dwell time, the time the chemical remained active after contact with the receptor, cause the interface to have so much effective latency that it would be useless in an interactive situation?
bristolz, Feb 12 2002

       How would you deal with the rebound effect? Introducing a neurochemical into the CNS signals for the body to produce less of that chemical. When administration is stopped, there is then a chemical deficiency. This is the reason that SSRI's and other anti-depressants work to prevent reuptake of seratonin, noradrenaline, dopamine, etc., rather than stimulating an increase.
dana_renay, Feb 12 2002

       I think it was in the 60s that an electronic stimulus from brain implants was used as a way for patients with uncontrolable rage to abort thier rage. This patient would push a one of 4 flavors, and he would get such a jolt of pleasure that the brain would release what ever chemical he needed to break the rage cycle.   

       Mice with similar implants would accept deadly amounts of electric shocks to repeat the jolts from the implants. food-for-thought
arilea, Aug 24 2005

       baked - it's called a prescription.
zen_tom, Aug 24 2005


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