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Artistic License

Justification of Half Baked Ideas
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When an idea or concept is just a little too far out there, not only can one say "hey! ive got artistic license", they can go to their wallet and pull out the license to prove it.

I originally thought of this as a novelty item for the art comunity - you would collect the details and photo of a person for a small fee and print up laminated ID's, stating 'ARTISTIC LICENSE - the bearer of this card is entitled to define abstractions in a manner he/she sees fit without any necessary relation to status quo'.

benfrost, Mar 02 2001

Multnomah County Office of the Artist in Residence Artistic License Application Form http://www.lessick.net/LicenseApp4.html
[egnor, Mar 02 2001]

(?) Artistic License by Joe Singleton http://www.collecto...es.com/License.html
[egnor, Mar 02 2001]

"Street artists painted into a corner over artistic license," reads witty CNN headline. http://www.cnn.com/...9/artistic.license/
Apparently both New York and San Francisco actually license street artists according to a lottery system. [egnor, Mar 02 2001]


       I like it. My own version would be a certificate showing something to be 'my prerogative'...Bobby Brown fans take note! However, imagine the lines of argument drawn sharply to a close as one could simply reveal a prerogative license - magic.
stickyman, Mar 02 2001

       I like the idea of being alphabetically ahead of drivers, exotic dancers, fishers, hunters, pets, physicians, but most especially attorneys ("Hey now, 'r' before 't', might as well get back with the licenses to steal, big boy!").
reensure, Mar 02 2001

       UnaBubba: In the US, we use "License" for both noun and verb. I have a card in my wallet which calls itself a "Driver's License", for example.
egnor, Mar 02 2001

       Do any of the rest of you live among blissful folk (you know, as in "ignorance is...") who refer to a license as if it were plural?
beauxeault, Mar 03 2001

       Hey! I can spell it how ever I want - I have an artistic license . . .
benfrost, Mar 03 2001

       the Perl programming language has been available under the Artistic License since its invention. It's similiar to the GNU GPL. see http://perl.com/language/misc/Artistic.html
steev, Jun 30 2001

       Unfortunately, I think some people (especially those who do certain taxpayer-funded 'public sculptures') probably need to have their artistic licenses revoked.
supercat, Jul 01 2001

       [egnor} We were once stopped by a patrolman in a rural southern US town and asked to produce our "drime lime". I'm still not sure if what we showed him was what he asked to see.
The Military, Jul 01 2001

       I like the original idea, only I think the test to get the license should be difficult enough to keep idiots off the metaphorical road.
bookworm, Jul 02 2001

       You could never pick an authoritative body to grant the licenses that every artist was OK with, that's the only problem. For any given person you picked to grant them, the "artists" that didn't get one would just claim bias.
moore850, Sep 17 2006

       I think the quote should be: "It's ok, I'm an artist!"
Zus, Sep 17 2006

       yes, brilliant. Most photographers I know are pervs, and I often wonder if they got into photography to begin with because it's an excuse to take snapshots of nude women.
Archbishop Furball, Apr 19 2007

       [Archbishop Furball], you're out of touch here. If you've ever tried to develop a reputation as an artist, you'd know that talking women out of their clothes for pleasure is FAR easier than talking them out of their clothes for art.
normzone, Jul 19 2007


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