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Art Glasses

A hi-tech aid for us artistically challenged
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I got this idea after misreading an "Art Classes" sign. (Perhaps my regular glasses need a tuneup). Art Glasses are an amalgam of Heads Up Display glasses, bluetooth and a laptop. One merely snaps a digital photo of one's subject - be it a vase of flowers, sultry nude model or bucolic landscape. Once on your laptop, the image is projected from your HUD Art Glasses to appear in front of you at the same distance as your easel.

It is now a simple, or at least simpler, process to transfer your inspiration into oils and pastels. It still might not be great art but at least a mug like me would have a better chance of getting the proportions and perspectives right.

Further enhancements might include the option to only show the reddish bits if that's the colour one happens to have dabbed onto one's brush at the moment then working through the palette one colour at a time. It would be a mere trifle to have smart software transform the projection into one's preferred style du'jour. I.e. Mondrian, Rubenesque or perhaps a Pixelated Pointillism?.

Pair this with Paintshop Pro and the world is your Monet.

AusCan531, Aug 13 2011


       I'd use them when laying out a fabrication jig; look at the mock-up, click, look at layout table, overlay image of mock-up, start designing jig. No heavy lifting and guesswork required.
Alterother, Aug 13 2011

       Good idea. It will stop a lot of that head-swivelling stuff. I'm prepared to offer you half of Tasmania in exchange for exclusive intellectual property rights.
AusCan531, Aug 13 2011

       Artists have traced over the glass of a camera obscura for centuries to do this, but they obviously didn't have the benefits of th colour selection.
TomP, Aug 13 2011

       Sadly, no Alterorder, Inc. assets in the southern hemisphere are available for barter at this time. We are, however, prepared to offer you an attractive package that includes both Barstowe, CA *and* the less appealing half of Wales (i.e. all the bits that aren't green).   

       Oh, did I not [+]? I meant to [+] when I was here before.   

Alterother, Aug 13 2011

       So it makes an onion-skinned ghost image of what you captured, and you just see the image floating in your view, so you can more or less trace it.   

       Sounds good! And also, impossible, but hey. [+]   

       Might make realist art that's Pre-Art-Glasses less impressive though.
BC, Dec 05 2011

       The title of this invention had me thinking it would be glasses that would make paintings resembling pigment thrown at a canvas by preschoolers while the teacher was in the bathroom look like real art.
cudgel, Dec 05 2011

       "Impossible" because???
AusCan531, Dec 07 2011

       Maybe not impossible, but much more difficult than you make it sound. You are describing a form of augmented reality goggles.   

       Apart from the non-trivial task of projecting an image at the same focal plane as the canvas, without obstructing the view of the canvas, your system needs to track the position and orientation of the glasses relative to the canvas, and dynamically adjust the projected image to suit.
spidermother, Dec 07 2011

       I envisage a HUD display where the virtual image appears within a comfortable arm's-length from the glasses with a reference dot superimposed at each corner. The 4 dots on the display would need to correspond with a similar 4 dots (stickers?) on the canvas so you would move your head forward-and-back and side-to-side until all dots align so that you keep a consistent orientation and distance. I agree that the dynamic adjustment feature you describe is overkill and probably unfeasible - but analogue systems are sometimes superiour to digital ones anyway. And, like I said in the original post, at least it would help get the proportions and perspectives right rather than just "winging it".
AusCan531, Dec 08 2011

       Yes, I thought of the position-your-head method, but it seemed a bit cumbersome and inaccurate.   

       A straightforward method would be to position a large monitor at 90º to the canvas, and a semi-silvered mirror between them at 45º.
spidermother, Dec 08 2011


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