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Asshole Tickets

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In an effort to raise money to alleviate our national debt, everybody in the United States should be issued two asshole tickets. You could act like a police officer and if someone pisses you off you could cite them for being an asshole, (say they cut you off in traffic, or talk on their cell phones loudly in public) take down their name and send in your citation. This person would then legally be required to pay a fine of $50 dollars to the government.

This would be perfect because it would be a (mostly) just tax -- in that assholes would get punished and people would have a non-violent outlet to their frustrations. (OK, I guess it could lead to violence though). Also, people wouldn't blame the government for a tax hike -- they would blame whoever cited them.

EdisonsTwin, Jul 03 2006


       This idea would be too open to abuse.
I think I may have seen that link enough times as well. Is it really that relevant?

       ....sometimes it's the asshole *giving* the ticket...
xandram, Jul 03 2006

       [Ed], you've come a long way since that nifty light bulb deal.
bungston, Jul 03 2006

       No one's going to buy a ticket to mine...
wagster, Jul 03 2006

       not even to watch?
po, Jul 03 2006


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