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Automobile Paint Ball

Warn other drivers of bad motorists
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A James Bondian sort of paint ball gun attatched to a car, so that when one driver sees another driver cut someone off, run a red light, or some other offense, they hit a trigger and splat a certain color of paint on the offenders car. The colors should be universal- Blue for reckless driving, red for road raging, etc, so when other drivers see that a certain car has many splotches of one color or another, they know to avoid them. One way to avoid reckless splatting is to have a price for each splat, an automatic tally being attached to the gun that adds onto a credit card or some other effective means of payment.
MadGrl, Jul 03 2000

Car-Ma http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Car-Ma
Electronic version. [jutta, Jul 03 2000]


       i'd save up money, then proceed to shoot people with new paint jobs
Malcolm, Jul 12 2000

       Hmmm. good idea in theory, although drivers here are so bad I have often considered buying a vehicle I saw for sale on-line (it was a WWII half-track with 4 .50 cal machine guns on a turret).   

       I would be a bit afraid of these terrible painted drivers retaliating, or shooting me because I drive the speed limit.
SkiBum5, Aug 03 2000

       The comedian, Gallagher had this same idea, only with suction-cup darts instead of paint balls. the darts would have flags on them that say "Idiot." When a driver gets a number of those sticking on his/her car, a cop can pull them over for driving like an idiot.
mrthingy, Sep 13 2000

       To have your idea and Gallagher mentioned in the same sentence should be reason enough to pull it.
raisin, Sep 26 2000

       I've wanted one of these for YEARS! +
Madcat, Apr 28 2003

       Okay, I'm going to swerve right in front of you, would you mind paint balling the rusty bits.....
Micky Dread, Apr 28 2003

       LOL sounds like the environmentalists who cut down trees into the trails used by 4X4's to block their path. The 4X4's are then “forced” to make a new road around the obstacle. I am sure the paintball idea will end up with the same result.   

       Identifying a bad driver is very personal. I have driven with all types and the perspective is all that seems to matter. Considering all the differences we are doing very very well in my books.   

       Are you pursuing everyone watching the same TV show while eating the same TV diner?   

speedyguy, Aug 05 2003

       HAHA, i had this same idea as a self-policeing system; the cops just follow around the cars with the most paint on them. The insurance companies can make surprise inspections and adjust yr insurance rates according to the amt of paint they see.
WhiteWiz, Mar 01 2004

       *I'm not sure but I think paint ball guns count as a firearm in respect to fireing within city limits some places. *What keeps people from loading it with jawbreakers to do damage. *Does the driver spend the attention aiming it and risk causing an accident. reffernce = cellphones. *Who's blamed/suffers/accountable if (to risk an old phrase) Someones eye gets shot out. *What if the ball hits the wrong car *Permanenet paint? Degrades look and value of car *Washable paint? Offender pulls over and wips off paint, offort laster 2 minutes. No real efficacy. *Autopayment- better things to do with my money *This system would just be way to dodgy to have any solid credability and morover a waste of resources. Better results would be from a system that allows drivers to report an offenders licence plate to local authorities, however this also could be abused easly by vengeful people so would have to be limited to those wishing to be passive law enforcers ie "Citizens on Patrol" who would be trained, tested and certified. submittable info likely having to include video footage. * Oh yes and i agree, perspective matters.   

       Good speed to your modems, InKogNeetO!
InKogNeetO, Apr 26 2004


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