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Reforestation of deserts with recycled artificial christmas trees
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Summary says it all. Dedesertification is accomplished by replanting with artificial christmas trees, collected through a global recycling program. For an improved nature experience, we can hang pine shaped and scented automotive air fresheners in the astroforests.

If the astroforest is dense enough (like me) the improved moisture retention through shade and gradual build up of guano might even allow real plants to regrow.

jmvw, Jan 11 2012


       I thought the point of artificial trees was that you don't have to buy a new one each year, so who is recyling all these plastic trees?   

       But what happens if you dump all the real Christmas trees in the desert?
scad mientist, Jan 11 2012

       //But what happens if you dump all the real Christmas trees in the desert?// The terrorists win.   

       I'm not sure if this would work. What if the artificial trees absorb more infrared and end up heating the air around them? Better to have solar panels above the ground IMO.
DIYMatt, Jan 11 2012

       A pink aluminum Christmas tree like Charlie Brown was supposed to get would do the trick. Perhaps. But I don't know, would the reflectivity factor outweigh the 'cooking metal' factor?
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2012


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