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rapid natural selection for human safety

kill attacking animals and make people safe
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This program would have two prongs. One side would be a massive breeding program for large animals captured in the wild. The other side would set up human-like bait and kill anything that attacks it. As animals who attack the bait are less likely to breed hopefully an instinctive fear of people could be bred into them.

Capturing and breeding animals caught in the wild would replace the population with animals more likely to breed in captivity, easier for people to capture, and otherwise pretty much the generic animal.

Bonus: certified "killer bear" rugs.
Bonus: other animal bi-products.
Bonus: public awareness of natural selection and animal attack risk
Voice, Nov 25 2013


       // public awareness of natural selection and animal attack risk //   

       That's a disadvantage. Much better to let selection pressures continue to weed out the less fit specimens of the human population … particularly in those jurisdictions where the teaching of evolution theory is prohibited.
8th of 7, Nov 25 2013

       Many wild animals will not breed in captivity. It's a major frustration for those trying to rebuild endangered species populations.   

       The bait and kill portion of this idea is just really bad, not just poorly thought out but downright unethical. All (read: all) predator mammals are naturally wary of humans. Those attacks that do occur are invariably the result of human incursion. The widespread wildlife awareness programs combined with live trapping and relocation already practiced are more effective and humane. If you don't think they're working it's a matter of underfunding rather than inefficacy.
Alterother, Nov 25 2013

       An immodest proposal: use this method targeted at criminals to reduce crime.
sninctown, Nov 25 2013


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