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Bonsai Bullets

Ballistic horticulture
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Bonsai bullets consist of a sphere of the kind of biodegradable fibrous material used to make some pots for seedlings.
Contained within each bullet is a concoction of damp soil, nutrients and a maximum of 3 tree seeds (Something small is preferable - e.g. apple, or seeds of a similar size).
The bullets can then be propelled towards unreachable places, such as cliff walls / the sides of houses.
A habitat such as a cliff wall is the perfect environment for a tree to naturally grow in miniature, since it will have to make do with what few nutrients it can get its roots on - the brew contained inside the sphere is a booster, similar to the one which would naturally get a tree into this position (i.e. Bird poo).
fridge duck, Dec 29 2005

(?) Incase the bullet can't be thrown far enough http://www.loadsmor...o_in_action_use.jpg
Something along these lines could be used to get them to the right elevation. [fridge duck, Dec 29 2005]

The macro version... Tree_20Planting_20Machine_20Gun
and prior art links. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 29 2005]


       This could make for a whole new school of competetive target shooting - with the scoring being a longterm thing.   

       "Yeah, Tommy Gunn gets a lot of hits, but his rooting ratio is disgusting. Now, with my .50 cal singleshot, I don't get near as many hits, but my rooting ratio is damn near perfect".   

       Environmentally active marksmanship - I like it.
normzone, Dec 29 2005

       I forgot to mention in the idea, but I hoped it was obvious that the outer shell of the bullet bursts when it hits the surface.
fridge duck, Dec 30 2005


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