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Astronaut Emergency Locator Diapers

Because Being Lost In Space Sucks a Big Egg
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I was recently reminded of the astronaut lady that was allegedly caught driving across the US in her astronaut diapers to dispense with a rival to her would be astronaut boyfriend. It suddenly occurred to me that I have never heard of an astronaut being seen on the beach. One might deduce from this that catching an astronaut on Earth running around wearing astronaut diapers may not just be a one-off event; rather, it is possible that everyone in the astronaut corps enjoys the blissful comfort and security of astronaut diapers so much that they wear them all the time.

If one accepts that as a possibility, then it may also be that once this is widely known, astronaut diapers could be the next big craze in comfy fashion here on Earth.

Therefore, in an effort to keep the space program on the leading edge and ahead of the curve, a vast improvement to the lowly astronaut diaper is necessary!

Introducing the GROGco Astronaut Emergency Location Diapers. These high tech battery operated diapers feature a highly accurate, astronomically exact, scale depiction of all of the nearest stars and planets, and is covered with tiny LED lights that indicate exactly where you are in the heavens.

Since they are completely independent and separate from the spacecraft, they will indicate brightly even if the lights, air conditioning, computer systems, life support systems, and on-board battery power have all failed and are deader than disco. Surviving astronauts may take comfort in knowing they only need drop their trousers and consult each others diapers to know exactly what route they are on as they leave the solar system.

Grogster, Jun 01 2011


       [+] This is so darn cute!! If only Columbus had these...
xandram, Jun 02 2011


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