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Ballistic Gelatin Armor

Jiggly AND bulletproof!
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Those who watch the popular TV show "Mythbusters" know that, whenever a human body is needed for an experiment, the 'busters use a mold of ballistic gelatin to simulate flesh. This substance is the same density as human flesh. What if one wore a sold coating of ballistic gelatin over their entire body? It would be like having another layer of skin, protecting you from harm. And, with the right amount of strength-enhancing drugs, anyone could shoulder the weight of a solid foot of extra skin. Also, a coating of transparent gelatin over any vehicle (with holes for exhaust) would provide ridiculously jiggly protection for said vehicle.
DrWorm, Aug 04 2009

How fat do you have to be to be bullet proof? http://www.newscien...-the-last-word.html
Answers. [theleopard, Aug 05 2009]

Erin Wurm Car http://www.geekolog...01/04/fat-car-1.jpg
one of artist Erin Wurm's excellent car sculptures [xenzag, Aug 05 2009]

Space Jam Space_20Jam
protection for satellites [RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2009]


       Having seen many episodes of Mythbusters, one would have to note that the aforesaid gelatin usually gets blown into little pieces. [-]
FlyingToaster, Aug 04 2009

       Because human bodies are pretty much impervious to bullets, blades and nasty spiky things?
pocmloc, Aug 05 2009

       What happens whan it rains ?
8th of 7, Aug 05 2009

       And it makes a tasty dessert at your funeral.
ldischler, Aug 05 2009

       All of these shortcomings are balanced out by the added bonus of getting to look like the Michelin man.
DrWorm, Aug 05 2009

       An alternate embodiment might be to consume a lot of custard.
Dub, Aug 05 2009

       One plus is that you would pass through airport screening unmolested. One might want semiopaque gelatin to help conceal the fact that you have no clothes on underneath the gelatin.   

       From the link: /A human body would never be entirely bulletproof when you take into consideration tissues and appendages such as the hands, feet, eyes, ears and male genitals. /   

       This scheme would be optimal for someone who had adequate tissue in the trunck areas but needed extra protection in the above listed areas. The gelatin could be worn there only, which would reduce weight.
bungston, Aug 05 2009

       Not seeing why this is better than good 'ole kevlar?
DIYMatt, Aug 05 2009

       /Not seeing why this is better than good 'ole kevlar?/   

bungston, Aug 05 2009


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