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No more dead arms
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So there you are, all cuddled up snugly with your loved one, as you have been for several minutes. As time passes, your body alerts you with increasing urgency that your arm is slowly dying. Your arm, which is tucked underneath your partner, upon whose sweet murmurings you are trying to concentrate.

But this effort is futile. As your arm begins to buzz all pins-and-needlesey, you realise that you have no choice but to break the moment. At best, this can be achieved by gently asking for the pressure to be relieved. In more desperate situations, the only course open may involve yanking your limb out with some force and waving it around the room like a defective pendulum.

The Arm-ease is a stiff, tube-like cover for the upper arm - in my experience, the primary target for squashdom. Inside it will be both padded and ventilated for comfort; outside it will have a covering textured to resemble the give of human flesh, so that it doesn't dig in too much to whoever lies on top of it. With one of these on, you can both curl up for hours without having to experience a moment of discomfort.

-alx, Aug 05 2003

Armhole Mattress http://www.halfbake.../Armhole_20mattress
[Helium, Oct 04 2004]


pjd, Aug 05 2003

       Best idea I've heard all day. [+]
hoopdy, Aug 05 2003

       Again Please! +
gnomethang, Aug 05 2003

       Awwww. That's cute. +
k_sra, Aug 05 2003

       "Sweet murmurings" -- Aw.
phundug, Aug 05 2003

       love the 'waving it around the room like a defective pendulum' bit.
RayfordSteele, Aug 05 2003

       Uhh, I wandered.
DeathNinja, Aug 05 2003

       You could adapt this so that the sleeve inflates ever-so slightly when pressure is applied to it (presumably by the loved one). This would allow the thickness of the tube to be minimised when not needed. Perhaps a custard-filled deluxe model could be produced?
vigilante, Aug 06 2003

       The only downside is that you miss out on that much of the warmth and feeling of your partner... + for the effort, though.
ghillie, May 27 2004


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