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At right angles to reality

(Thanks to Douglas Adams for the phrase)
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Picture a street scene with buildings, plants, vehicles and so forth. There are then little changes, like the direction of the breeze and the position and exact nature of nearby litter, then the identities or positions of the people at adjacent tables at a cafe. Later, the plants around them change - a Sanseviera instead of a Ficus, for example - along with the clothes and hairstyles of the people. Later still, the fashions change, the names of the businesses, the kinds of cars, but not their age. More time passes as the nature of the buildings change, then the level and type of technology in the scene fluctuates wildly along with their physical features such as hair and skin colour, shapes of noses and lips, stature and build. Then their actual species morphs variously into other kinds of anthropoid ape. The street becomes a forest with increasingly alien-looking flora and fauna, like living jewelled helicopters and orange pulsating trees or organisms based on triangular symmetry. The sun changes colour and size and the forest is replaced by oceans, deserts and then cratered lunar landscapes, terrains of multicoloured ice with pink skies and so forth. Finally, the scene disappears entirely to be replaced by a starfield, the stars themselves shifting in colour and magnitude, then there is just blackness.

If universes are parallel and represent all possibilities, then the more probable ones can be thought of as spatially closer to this one and the less probable ones further away, and the further back the points of divergence were, the more distant these universes are. We are seeing a cross-section of the multiverse along the time axis, so we think of these universes as parallel. Another way of looking at the multiverse is as perpendicular. This is an example of a view of a perpendicular universe, at right angles to reality.

nineteenthly, Jan 12 2008

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       Not certain of the idea... (glances at category), oh, nevermind.
RayfordSteele, Jan 12 2008

       Funnily enough, I've just re-read the Hitchhiker books and when I read that phrase I spent the rest of the night trying to come up with a decent idea based on parallel universes.   

       I'm not sure you've managed it, but it's still better than anything I came up with.
wagster, Jan 12 2008

       I'm giving this a + because of it's imagery.
xenzag, Jan 12 2008

       I've allways been partial to an unfiltered view of the WSOGMM myself.+
zeno, Jan 14 2008

       Straight from the pages of Roger Zelazny. But not really seeing an idea here.
DrCurry, Jan 14 2008

       Is this supposed to be built, CGI-pictured, or presented in some other medium altogether?   

       Is it presented to a viewer in a fixed sequence (so it really only has one dimension), or can a viewer walk around and explore it (actually or virtually)?
pertinax, Jan 14 2008

       If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times - stop inhaling nitrous oxide. It makes the entire house smell funny...
Canuck, Jan 14 2008

       --Check out the book by Zelazney: "Roadmarks", heh.
Steamboat, Jan 15 2008


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