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growth medium contains chemicals
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resveratrol causes mammals to live longer I figure halogate it to make the drug more active Halogenation heightens activity at the receptor (splenda; chlorosucrose is 300 times sweeter than sugar; fluorinated cortisone is 700 times more powerful as a dermal pharmaceutical) as well as giving the drug longer circulating metabolism

here is an herbal approach

put a branch of leaves at a water container full of likely prechemicals like chlorosucrose or various amino acids then let the leaves dry as herbs once they have absorbed the chemical plus made pharmaceutically valuable metabolites with it

thats kind of like cyborgherbalism yet it might be considered an authentic yet amplified plant product that way

the reason this is actually an idea is that to an herbalist, or even to me, plants have a wide range of deeper meanings; cyborgizing the herb might actually be culturally as well as physiologically meaningful; a cyborgherbalist might actually prescribe living plants that have been given 72 hours of prescribed growth medium as a functional medical food

just pour the package of liquid vitamins on the living wheatgrass then eat to have superbioavailable vitamins kind of thing

beanangel, May 21 2010

Independent.co.uk: Synthetic cell is a giant leap for science http://www.independ...ankind-1978869.html
Apparently, the new lifeform, dubbed "Cynthia" contains a website address embedded in its genetic code, as well as the names of all the people involved in its creation - a sort of "credits" if you will. [zen_tom, May 21 2010]

//fundamentally misconceived from the viewpoint of phytotherapy// http://en.wikipedia...tives_in_cigarettes
[mouseposture, May 21 2010]


       It would upset the balance and cease to be herbalism were this done.
nineteenthly, May 21 2010

       This coincides nicely with the news of "Cynthia" the first wholly artificially created life-form, albeit from a prototype provided by nature - as one main application for this technology would be the creation of active ingredients such as those found in herbs.
zen_tom, May 21 2010

       Yes, but fundamentally misconceived from the viewpoint of phytotherapy. Very useful indeed, but not really anything to do with herbalism unless i could easily put an artificial organism together from things i can find in the shed or something. I suppose i might get lucky if i come across a skip outside a molecular biology place. Maybe i should visit Cambridge after all.
nineteenthly, May 21 2010

       [+] Caffeinated ANYTHING.
DrWorm, May 21 2010

       Doing things with lighter halogens to organic molecules is also nasty.
nineteenthly, May 21 2010

       //Very useful indeed, but not really anything to do with herbalism// <link>.
mouseposture, May 21 2010

       [+] Cyborg anything.
8th of 7, May 21 2010

       Quod erat demonstrandum, [mouseposture].
nineteenthly, May 21 2010

       Then again, herbalism is applied cybernetics.
nineteenthly, May 21 2010

       Applied marketing, more like.   

       I was so hoping for a cyborg gerbil.
RayfordSteele, May 21 2010

       I get the chlororesveratrol okay (it's more active because it's more resistant to degradation), but where does the cyborg stuff come in?
ldischler, May 21 2010

       //halogate// ...
do you mean something like trans-4-chloro-3,5,4'- trihydroxystilbene...
or do you mean a gate you pass through to obtain, or after obtaining, a halo?
lurch, May 23 2010

       If it is applied marketing, it isn't very well applied. Part of it, for me, is to avoid alienation of use and exchange value.   

       Halogate was the scandal which led to the expulsion of Satan from Paradise.
nineteenthly, May 23 2010


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