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Gamify Bejewelled

make it easier to learn, not to spend money on it
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By this I mean gamify bejewelled the actual game and not just players desire to play it, as Candy Crush and every other match 3 game has done. I guess this should really be called gamify match 3, but I have an emotional attachment to Bejewelled because it was my first ine. Oops, gave the game away there didn't I? Ah well, I have to admit thatI spend most of my time now (and money on) Candy Crush, because it is more friendly, like a long term relationship rather than that first crush. But none of the match 3 games (predictably) have gamified the actual game itself, ie the learning of the game. I still flail around in panic mode swiping for the nearest 4 set I can find, rather than settling diwn to study the possibilities. This is because it is too damn hard to study the damn board. My tiny brain is not big enough for that. And so I need a technology to help me. AN extra memory module would be great but until we get that, I, and everyone else, would benefit from a tutorial that is incorporated into the game or that becomes a game in and of itself, that teaches you to recognize more snd more complicated paterns and their results. All the time in CandyCrush and Bejewelled I am saying to myself, well that one got away from me, or, ddidn't see that one coming. At least give the chance to bavk up a steo and replay if not change your choice.
JesusHChrist, May 17 2013


       //diwn// [+]
fishboner, May 17 2013

       wow.... could you repost this when you get on a computer with a spellchecker ?
FlyingToaster, May 17 2013

       //bavk up a steo// sounds painful.
lurch, May 17 2013

       That's not gamifying. That's a tutorial.   

       The problem with tutorials are that players never actually do them.   

       Why don't you just play level 1 or 2 and experiment until you can play better?   

       Most of the levels on candy crush arn't even timed, so take the time to think about your moves.
Loris, May 20 2013

       Right, but I'm saying, it's not any fun to slow down, and fun is what it is all about. I don't play these games for my health, I play them because it successfully anesthetizes me from having to negotiate "real life" issues, or gives me a map on which to arrange my real life issues, whichever way you want to look at fun. And if they are going to successfully turn manipulating excel spreadsheets for a living into plying Smurf's Villiage for a living, then they are going to have to figure out how to make learning fun, not just make money out of people having fun, because people don't naturally gravitate toward consciousness, they will paddle up a creek until they are stuck in the mud and then just keep paddling, unless you give them a map. I guess what I am saying is we can wait for one paddler with the fortitude to ignore their paddling instincts long enough to learn to read maps, or we can integrate the map learning process into the paddling process. Something like that.
JesusHChrist, May 20 2013

       Well, I guess you should consider playing a different game, if you're not having fun. I'd go so far as to recommend trying out a different genre.   

       And you're spending money on it? Wow. I know candy crush has some serious eye-candy, it's advertised on TV, it's sort of *the* genre for players who are so casual they can't be bothered to figure out how their moves will affect the game, and it's psychologically monetised up the wazoo, but still.   

       Alternatively, (and this may be telling your grandmother how to suck eggs) try to combine your specials:
Get a wrapper (from two simultanious rows of three) and combine with a stripey (from a set-of-four) - colour doesn't have to match - combine for multiple-row and column clearance.
Or if you can get a row-of-five special next to a stripey one, use together for super nashwan (every other sweetie of the same colour as the stripey becomes stripey, and immediately goes off, clearing a row or column).
Loris, May 20 2013

       I was hoping the process of gamifying would involve legs. Long leggy kicky high stepping ones.
bungston, May 20 2013


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