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Attache Affectation

Internal Lights for Briefcases
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Install a small light inside a plain black attache case, such that aforesaid case lights up automatically when opened, like a fridge. One of the great tropes of many a Hollywood movie could thus be made real. On your way to work, imagine the amusement of fellow commuters as you placed the briefcase on your lap and opened it up (facing towards you, of course) just wide enough for it to emit an eery, other-worldly glow, but not wide enough that they could actually see what was inside.

Changeable filters over the bulb would allow for different effects: gold, for the standard case-full-of-bullion look; blue for the alien-power-source effect; green for the my-god-it's-radioactive look; red for the devil's-very-very-bad-thing-that's-just-too-damn-scary-to-name effect.

One possible extra would be a refillable / replaceable canister of dry ice, jigged to release a small cloud to billow menacingly out of the briefcase and enhance the lighting effect.

And, yes, I know this idea runs the risk of incurring the dreaded WTRCTTISIAMWIBNIIWR, (or whatever the acronym is) but it seems an eminently feasible optional add-on to your standard briefcase... certainly easier to build than a real lightsabre. And a plain old no-special-effects light might even be useful (if somewhat boring) in your attache case. Now if only I needed an attache case.

Guy Fox, Oct 02 2001


       muriatic acid makes an excellent 'smoke' effect - handle carefully. You can also use battery powered strobe lights - up and running for $2.00 US including lights and batteries.
thumbwax, Oct 02 2001

       UnaBubba: <chortle> A friend and I once loaded a briefcase with various suspicious items - Yugoslavian war comic, porn mag, international currency, newspaper clippings, blueprints, arms dealer business cards, etc. - and left it in a car park, handcuffed to the severed arm of a shop dummy. Then there were the loaded wallets we sneaked into the pockets of jackets in department stores, complete with blackmail letters in an ersatz Indo-European language. I'm a firm believer in making the world a more whimsical, and thereby interesting, place.</chortle>
Guy Fox, Oct 03 2001

       I like it! An added advantage would be that (as occasionally happens on the London Underground) when the train stops and the lights go out I could open my case and carry on reading my book by the eerie glowing light coming from it.
Optional: As well as eerie (colour-configurable) glow and dry-ice smoke, the case should have dramatic organ music.
hippo, Oct 03 2001

       This is the first idea in a while that comes with a ready crowd of admirers. Tell 'em I left hours ago … and eat the rest of that croissant.
reensure, Oct 03 2001

       and a monster laugh
technobadger, Oct 03 2001

       I keep thinking of Pulp Fiction, and the scene where Samuel L. Jackson gets his wallet back.

"It's the one that says `Bad Motherfucker' on it."
AfroAssault, Oct 03 2001

       This could also make a great car alarm sort of thing... the open the door and it glows evily playing creepy organ music at over 120 decibells...
RobertKidney, Oct 03 2001

       bliss sez: I will have mine with eerie sound effects also please, to scare away chatty travelers I don't like. (Maybe creaking door noise when case is opened, rattling chains, a little moaning.....)   

       Maybe you have AOL installed and then you get all those lovely sounds while you check your email the light is the computer screen, creaking door is the "buddy" enter sound, etc.
bobzaguy, Oct 07 2001

       french bun
po, Oct 08 2001


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