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Briefcase airbag

Save those papers
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Most briefcases are hard shelled and so have a fixed internal size. If the case isn't full, papers may rattle around and get damaged or dog-eared. Not really a problem most of the time, but if you're carrying documents that could make (or break) an important deal, you want them to arrive in perfect condition. In the lid of the case (or on a hinge) is an inflatable bag, close the case, then operate the pump to inflate it (deluxe model does this automatically). It will fill the empty space and hold the contents securely in place, preventing damage. Deflates on opening.
OnionBread, May 30 2003


       (+), especially if it has a whoopee cushion valve.
FloridaManatee, May 30 2003

       A nice feature. +
saker, May 30 2003

       Many briefcases have pockets or clips that perform the same function.
sild, May 30 2003

       ould be useful for people who need to carry delicate samples or devices around, but when I've been faced with that problem, I've simply placed a thick wodge of foam in the case.
DrCurry, May 30 2003

       [sild] pockets or clips that perform the same function   

       Yes, but they don't hold the contents tightly, and wouldn't work if you dropped it, for example. The airbag would adjust to whatever you put in.   

       BTW, are you named after the small, but tasty fish?
OnionBread, Jun 02 2003


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