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Did You Pack Your Drawers?

Dresser Drawer Modular Luggage
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Packing and unpacking has to be one of the singularly most unpleasant tasks I face. Please don't share that shallow and admission with anyone who's homeless or starving or has other REAL problems).

If I had a "dresser" cabinet with relatively shallow (3-4 inches, say) but standard depth (22 inches?) drawers, each with a tambour style cover that retracts when in the cabinet but can be closed and locked when the drawer is removed, I could simply remove my "underwear" drawer, remove my "sock" drawer, grab one of my "shirt" drawers, etc. as the length of trip and intended destination would indicate.

Each of the drawers would then attach to each other by means of clips, snaps, velcro stylish logo covered belts or whatever and I'd be packed and ready to go with my modular luggage. If the trip was short, one drawer that's maybe 8-9 inches deep could be designated as the sole luggage drawer, and stuff from the other dresser drawers piled in. Longer trips may require the nesting/attaching of more drawers.

It would probably be wise to make the drawers lightweight (polycarbonate?) and have each sport skate wheels at their rear ends (not unlike a girl I used to date).

Unpacking at home is as simple as detaching the "drawer modules," slipping open their tambour tops and replacing them into the dresser.

Arcana, Dec 30 2007

(?) Steamer Trunk http://images.googl...vnum%3D10%26hl%3Den
Transportable Drawers [csea, Dec 30 2007]


       Like a steamer trunk [link]?
csea, Dec 30 2007

       Not convinced. The items you use every day are not necessarily the ones you take on holiday. For example, I have about 35 socks, but am only likely to take a smaller number (and an even number, to boot) on holiday with me. Does this mean I'd have to have three twelve-sock-capacity drawers at home? In any event, one's man should handle the packing, anticipating all eventualities without uneccessarily overburdening the chauffer or porters.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 30 2007

       You could consider the dresser your "home suitcase" and only use it for those even numbered pairs of socks you pack on holiday. Besides, good men who can accurately intuit a gentleman's preferences and necessities on holiday are becoming scarce, quite.
Arcana, Dec 30 2007

       After being too often on the wrong end of [MB's} stick, so to speak, I believe the entire idea of baggage is a redundancy in his life that he'd profit from eliminating in this, the new year. As for his clothes, after being worn the routine "several" times, can be conveniently transported by being pressed between two very heavy books (borrowed from a reading friend) and the resulting solid mass of man made fibre wrapped with twine or aluminum foil. A small introduction of heat helps to congeal the package and it can then be conveniently carried (balanced on the head in [MB's] case) to the refugee camp du jour. You know this is a shameless effort to put my crappy idea back on the map for the new year as it has yet to attain bun or bone.   

       Happy New Year to you all and my special appreciation to [MB] for taking my words in the spirit in which they were intended.
Arcana, Jan 01 2008

       [Arcana] Have a New Year's Bun on me, and rest assured that my stick has only a soft and tickly end.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 01 2008

       Contrary to public opinion, "you are the man!"
Arcana, Jan 01 2008


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