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AuHf currency

A few milligrams of Au as well as hafnium creates a currency that has high liquidity plus actually can make energy
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the recent currency fluctuations had me thinking about those that have paper currency a few months ago I read that "100 million face famine" as a result of the iraq war This made me wonder what happened to all those that were using paper currency during the recent fluctuations Further I think the Chinese may benefit from a paper currency with durable valuation

300 milligrams of Au was worth about 9.90 USD Hafnium has value as a source of atomic energy that can be switched on as a nuclear isomer combining the two creates an alloy that could actually be used to produce a thing of value plus has a preexisting liquidity community

This is really marvelous as my perception is that governments have historically attacked other governments currency The 1.4 billion chinese would have some immunity from this if their paper money had actual value

The accumulation of that value combined with the chinese governments use of foreign paper creates a currency with similarities to a diversified portfolio

Verifying element content is cheaper Now that the sticky tape (x-ray) high energy photon emitter has been created there is an immediate way to test paper currency to verify gold plus isotopic hafnium amount Use a new mems sized item that makes sticky tape effect high energy photons then just add an CCD chip to create a currency verifier

Bringing durable value to Chinese currency will benefit both the United States as well as 1.4 billion Chinese people Its scary to think that people making 300 usd to 1k a year are trusting their government's trusting the United States The general urge to fiscal emotional variability might be moderated if the currency chinese people carry has actual value

It seems likely that the worlds developing nations are less harmed with an authentic value currency Now Im aware that there are sound economic reasons to have a conceptualized currency with abstractions yet thats to the citizens of a particular country citizens outside that country purely benefit from durable value 2018 Update: blockchain currency is a thing now, this permits arbitary shared value money outside of governemnt issue money which is an improvement and *could be* even better. Applied economists could test this sytem as well as blockchain currency to see which sustains value better in the face of government functionality fluctuations.

Now there are readers that will think is the hafnium actually beneficial I think that because it can be converted to energy it gives the currency actual value I dont know if irradiating a pile of notes the value of a car would create a weapon or not You could however create a utility object where you literally tossed currency at the utility object to get warmth for energy production.

beanangel, Aug 26 2009

a type of hafnium is a nuclear isomer that can be turned on to make energy http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Nuclear_isomer
[beanangel, Aug 26 2009]




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