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Bank Notes Reduced Size Matches Their Worth After Inflation

As more dollars are printed, their size is reduced to visually indicate how much their value has decreased.
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So if the government passes the "Happy Happy Joy Joy Act" that requires tens of trillions of government spending, the new cash printed up is reduced in size to indicate the resultant inflation's effect on that bill's worth.

So for instance the normally 6.14 x 2.61 inch dollar bill after 50% inflation would be 3.7 x 1.3 inches.

Thus you'll be able to carry the additional cash necessary to buy that loaf of bread at your local Happy Happy Joy Joy emergency food center.

And if responsible adults ever got into government office (LOL, just kidding, this is the Halfbakery after all, fantasy concepts are allowed) and if inflation were reduced, the bill's size could be increased as appropriate.

doctorremulac3, May 23 2022

Inspired by this. Novelty-sized_20cash
[doctorremulac3, May 23 2022]

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars https://www.banknot...n-zimbabwe-dollars/
These used to go for 20 bucks US. Either they're becoming more rare or this place overcharges. [Voice, May 23 2022, last modified May 24 2022]

Draftee president Draftee_20President
[doctorremulac3, May 26 2022]


       We have plastic banknotes here. I wonder if you bake them in the oven do they shrink like a crisp packet does?
pocmloc, May 23 2022

       Government inflation reports with heating instructions? I like that.   

       "This month's inflation is 14.5%, heat your currency at 250 degrees for eight and a half minutes."
doctorremulac3, May 23 2022

       Functionally not different from adding zeros to the bills.
Voice, May 23 2022

       But this is more fun.
doctorremulac3, May 23 2022

       Surely after a certain limit, adding more zeros requires the banknotes to be made larger?
pocmloc, May 23 2022

       Non-standard sizes wouldn't make them easier to carry. Surely you'd want to scale thickness instead?   

       A less fun version would be to print the number of dollars (/euro/ducats/etc) in existence on each bill.
Worldgineer, May 23 2022

       //print the number of dollars//
So each note would be defined as a fraction of the total? I like it. Could be "of GDP" or something else (dunno, not an economist). The value of the total would need to be well documented & widely distributed (if it's a frequently changing value, at least...).
neutrinos_shadow, May 23 2022

       *Cackling hysterically*
21 Quest, May 24 2022

       Hey V, your link is dead. At least when I clicked on it.   

       Looks kind of interesting too. Got another link to it?
doctorremulac3, May 24 2022

       Strange: the halfbakery changed the link. I tried to paste each but I ran into the 30 character limit, and I'm not going to count characters and insert spaces just to make you remove said spaces.

Copy-pasting works to visit, but it's not all that fascinating, just a place selling the notes. Currently for way more than I would pay.
Voice, May 24 2022

       Thank you. How? edit: lol im dum
Voice, May 24 2022

       I suggest public:currency
Voice, May 24 2022

       Done. Thanks V.
doctorremulac3, May 24 2022

       Another thing I've been wondering: if part of the problem instigating inflation is an excess supply of currency, does dropping, say, 40 billion into Ukraine, where it will evaporate, somehow ameliorate the problem?
4and20, May 26 2022

       Never ending foreign wars solve many financial problems. Yes, some people might get hurt but those are mostly lowly proles anyway. The elites do quite well however so they serve their purpose.   

       As a history nerd I suggest studying WW1, the war where millions died because some guy got shot in a car. (to be fair, he did have a really nice hat) It was the birth of the modern military industrial complex that's still with us today. Follow the money and make your own conclusions. Kuhn, Loeb, Bernard Baruch, J.P. Morgan, Eugene Meyer; Paul Warburg, Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Louis Brandeis, Alfred Rothschild. These are the guys we should be building WW1 memorial statues of.   

       Put how much they made on the plaque maybe. There's an idea, somebody should rank the biggest wars by dollar made per life cost and rank them in profitability.
doctorremulac3, May 26 2022

       if responsible adults ever got into government MFTagline
pashute, May 26 2022

       I don't think there are any responsible adults that would WANT to be in government.
doctorremulac3, May 26 2022

       [doctorremulac3]; that's the problem. I forget where I first saw this: "anyone capable of getting themselves voted into government shouldn't be there".
An idea I had: find people who are:
Educated in something useful (medical something for a health minister, etc)
DON'T want to be in government
Have them (for some number of "them") run the country. Have a one-year term, then they are free & won't be called on again. Of course, then the problem becomes "who does the choosing?". I haven't figured that one out yet...
neutrinos_shadow, May 26 2022

       Yea, that's really something to consider, the people who most want to rule over others are probably the ones least suited to do it.   

       I suggested a draftee president at some point, let me find it...   

       Yea, got some support. (link) Interesting concept. We draft young men to go die in war, draft some old guy to serve the country that he's done so well with for a couple of years? Seems reasonable.
doctorremulac3, May 26 2022

       //find people who are [etc]//   

       There's an element of that in the British House of Lords - albeit vitiated by cronyism, etc.
pertinax, May 27 2022

       I think I have a piece of pocket lint...no wait, that one was a 20 dollar bill...
ShawnBob, May 27 2022


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