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Bucks and Change

"That will be three bucks, sir."
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Officially alter the name of a well known currency and it's decimal units into "bucks" and "change".

For example, ten dollars becomes ten "bucks", and 63 cents becomes "63 in change".

Therefore, if you pay 17.25 with a twenty, you will get "two bucks, 75 in change".

mrkillboy, Dec 08 2000


       ooh that was cheesy, hehehe... i think it's a good idea because money gets called bucks more often than dollars anyway, at least in america... even in grocery stores they don't say "Your total comes to 72 dollars and 84 cents," they say, "Your total is 72-84"... the name dollars is pointless.. in fact it is a waste of time to say the extra syllable in dollars when you can just say bucks instead!
djhotsauce, Dec 11 2000

       Sorry for the old link resurrected, the random button should have a time-limiter or something. But it's scary times when we are so pressed for time that we have to shorten words.   

       That might be one of the reasons that northerners speak faster; we have to deal with winter half the year.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2002


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