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Audience participation movies

let the people choose what they watch
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For a long time, movies have sometimes been filmed with alternate endings. my idea requires many multiple endings (because of some stupid math thing with exponents), plus multiple segments within the film, a responsive projector operator and little electronic buttons on the chairs in the theatre.

The movie would be shot in first person, kinda like those virtual roller coaster things, only with a plot. when a major turning point arrives, a list of choices shows up on the screen, and the audience has a minute to vote for what they want to happen next, using the buttons (button 1 for choice 1, etc). The projectioner then looks at a computer monitor which tabulates the votes, and he puts on the corrensponding film reel.

Added bonus, you could go to the same movie and see something different each time.

schematics, May 07 2004

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       my family tends to wait for popular movies to come out on DVD..."and now out on DVD, Alternate Endings, as voted in by live audiences." I guess the endings would all be included in the DVD's "how we did it "section and the best ending would be on the actual movie.
dentworth, May 07 2004

       the dvd could have decisions too, kinda like those "choose your own adventure books"
swimr, May 07 2004

       /dentworth/ sorry about the plagiarism. my is slightly different than that, in terms of scale and the first person bit.
schematics, May 07 2004

waugsqueke, May 07 2004

       "Oh man, the Rocky Horror Picture Show again?"
RayfordSteele, May 07 2004


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