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credit lines movie ending

The plot refers continuously to the credit lines which contain the catharasis
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Once you see the credits you realize that the whole movie has a different meaning with the last line of credits changing everything.
pashute, Sep 22 2021

Fer De Lance 1974 https://www.youtube...ndPN4sesMFE&t=5463s
1:31:02 Snake sneaks into blanket. Ending cut out before the last scene! [pashute, Nov 16 2021]

Here it is! https://www.youtube...watch?v=yyOpEMYraDE
1:31:37 ending with last snake discovered. Although I remembered them throwing the blanket into the sea. [pashute, Nov 16 2021]


       Nice idea, in principle, but I'm trying to think of an example of this that wouldn't come as a massive let-down
hippo, Sep 22 2021

       courrecting sp mistake
pashute, Sep 22 2021

       + As long as they run the credits slow enough to read…kind of ScoobyDo-ish.
xandram, Sep 22 2021

       I don't see how it's possible without making a really bad movie.
Voice, Sep 22 2021

       I sit through the credits for 2 reasons:
1: these days, a lot of movies (at least, the type I like) have mid- & post-credits scenes.
2: as a "sign of respect" to those who made the movie.
It's very rare that I'm NOT the last to leave the theatre (when watching on the big screen).
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 22 2021


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