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Simultaneous parallel film releases

A take-off on multiple endings
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Take a novel or screenplay and distribute it to three or five producers with the understanding that the movie making process will proceed as normal with one exception: All versions will be released simultaneously.

Since different producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, cinematographers, etc. are involved, it's likely that there will be significant differences between the released versions. That being the case, it doesn't seem too unlikely that many people would see more than one version - if only for the novelty.

phoenix, May 31 2002

(?) Parallel Pictures http://www.halfbakery.com/thecat
The (not so) ORIGINAL (but) NEW & IMPROVED War & Peace Version. Make yourself a snack and settle down in your most comfy chair. [thecat, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Different viewpoints, same story would be good.
yamahito, May 31 2002

       chicken run, chicken walk, chicken burgers.   

       men in black, men in white, men in pretty lace knickers.
po, May 31 2002

       You are too late. This is just a more succinct/less detailed (potato/pot-ah-to) version of my Parallel Pictures idea. Call this Parallel Pictures- The Cliff Notes Version and I'd vote for it (without whining baked). Thanks for the summary.
thecat, Jun 30 2003

       yes, but this was a year earlier <g>
po, Jun 30 2003

       You are right! po.   

       See how easy this admitting you made a (in this case quite a stupid one) mistake, drcurry, missbliss, etc.   

       In my own defense though, I will say that my idea is much more elegant in it's elaborateness.
thecat, Jun 30 2003

       True enough, po. That is, the bit about bleeding. But first you have to prove to me that those rhino-hided meanies are capable of bleeding.   

       As for the part about not deserving the hard time -- I don't think so! Tough love is, well ... tough. I'll be happy to leave them alone when they start being nicer/more honest.
thecat, Jun 30 2003

       Fair enough the annotations, but can we please leave my link. Reread (as it is amended).
thecat, Jun 30 2003

       its just that I consider both blissy and DC as friends and I could go on about their kindnesses, but I don't *have* to explain anything to you. get to know them better <shrug> or its your loss!   

       I can't delete the link, only phoenix can do that.
po, Jun 30 2003

       // get to know ... your loss ... //   

       I intend too (always did). Didn't have "much" of an opinion about b.m., actually kind of liked Curry, but one of my best qualities is scratching the surface. I liked Curry even if I do find him a curmudgeon or somesuch. But the true measure of a person is not how they treat their friends but how they treat people ... period.   

       So when you see cynicism, meanness, injustice [or just bad spelling ;) - an example whose resemblance to any of these people is wholely unintentional] then it must be brought into the cold, hard light of day.
thecat, Jun 30 2003

       Brilliant! It's like a re-make of a film that's not out yet!
simonj, Jul 17 2003


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