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book ideas

book listing 250 ideas for other books
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I've already written 60 books and uncountable articles/curricula. Still, I have hundreds of ideas for other books. Clearlly, I will die before I can execute all these concepts.

I'd like to compile a list of briefly-described ideas that others might turn to when looking for ideas for e-books, scripts, books, articles, et cetera.

Celana, Jan 02 2008


       are you on death row?
po, Jan 02 2008

       go on then. you can post it here.
bumhat, Jan 02 2008

       Welcome, [Celana]. Don't be too discouraged by the negative votes; I think they arise because an idea for a list of unspecified other ideas doesn't really amount to much in itself.   

       The ideas *in* that list might be better received. However, you'd better check the 'help' file (see link on the left of this screen) so as to avoid some of the more common disqualifications for half-bakery ideas (e.g., advocacy of existing points of view, ideas for honouring or dis-honouring a particular social group, etc.)   

       Good luck.
pertinax, Jan 02 2008

       Welcome to the 'bakery Fidel Castro.
4whom, Jan 02 2008

       As for *executing concepts*, we can really kill 'em here.
[pertinax] is very nice, though.
xandram, Jan 02 2008

       going for the cheap recombo   

       iBook deas   

       looks very done, like neo n trinity colonize a pda   

       create a fresher thing   

       I think it be nifty to hear a few hundred suggestions on humans rights topics from a person on the guantanamo employee side of the fence;   

       when the government professionals think of truth n justice, what do they think of   

       truthfully, what do they think of   

       then, publicly, suggest ways to create justice
beanangel, Jan 02 2008

       Given the category, I think [po] is on the right track.   

       Actually, a community web site for sharing book ideas might be a nice thing to have. Certainly writers message boards where such ideas are discussed are baked, so this isn't really earth-shattering, but maybe an HB-style book idea posting and commenting site might be at least interesting to think about.
globaltourniquet, Jan 02 2008

       There are 10s of Television show categories here at the bakery under Culture. What's to stop us having one for literature?
theleopard, Jan 02 2008

       // What's to stop us having one for literature //   

       Good taste ?
8th of 7, Jan 02 2008


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