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Auditory emotion can

Want to change the mood just press 1-10
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Why not reproduce those moments of canned laughter when you want to? your watching a dull moment of a programme at home on the TV and presto hit one of the buttons 1-10 on your emotion can remote and you have the choice of laughter,screaming,dogs barking,tornado's ,violin struts,wind breaking the whoop and chatter of apes etc,etc, the system overrides the moment by cutting in and fits in your emotion moment, those evil dark moments in your horror movie hit the Wooooo!!Ahhh!! button, imagine the fun with silent movies,beefing up love scenes and the MGM lion howling.
skinflaps, Sep 04 2002


       <obligatory pun>Auditory emotion can what?</o p>
RayfordSteele, Sep 04 2002

       Hmm. Maybe we need a sound sweetening category.
bristolz, Sep 04 2002

       Or a half baker..tweaking the sound barrier.
skinflaps, Oct 01 2002


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