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Cry Track

To help the psychopaths along
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Laugh tracks - yes, yes, how droll. And they serve a useful purpose. But some programs are not intended to amuse - in fact they are intended to make you sad, or even cry! One clue is that many of these programs have violin music - but this is unreliable. What is an unempathetic viewer to do?

We at BUNGCO feel for those who do not understand what the sad bits are. And so we have turned the laugh track yin into yang, forming the Cry Track. Now snivel, moan, and bawl along with the fake studio audience, revelling in the sadness that the writers are trying to connote.

bungston, Sep 29 2013


       Brought a tear to my eye. +
blissmiss, Sep 29 2013

       This will only teach psychopths how to pretend to know and thus help them kill (cue laugh track)
rcarty, Sep 30 2013

       I think it's funny. [+]
xandram, Sep 30 2013

       \\help the psychopath\\   

       That's "sociopath" there, you.
Voice, Sep 30 2013

       Are you a disciplinarian?
rcarty, Sep 30 2013

       Isn't this what the music track already does? I would swear that there are certain subliminal musical prompts that cause me to tear up on cue.
jurist, Oct 01 2013

       What about a hidden cry track only psycho s are allowed to subscribe to? At least we will know their last reported address and phone.   

       Round up the usual psycho s. Like Casablanca. "We'll always have psycho s."
popbottle, Oct 01 2013

       Guy Guden's Space Pirate Radio had a 'cry track' lifted from a creepy movie that he played at the top of the hour. Ahhh, fond memories!
Steamboat, Oct 03 2013


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