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Augmented Reality 3D Screenings

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Augmented Reality 3D Screenings are a set of extra, premium price, special cubicles available at cinemas which become available for 3D presentations.

When you are watching a 3D film, instead of a spear or a piece of flying debris coming towards you as just an optical illusion, a hidden overhead operator will supplement the effect with a real spear on the end of a blacked out pole or a real piece of flying debris will be accurately flung just past your head. Now you really can reach out and touch some of the effects.

Sandra Bullock's 3D tears from Gravity? Easy - now a real bag of water dangles just in front of your face! - Stick in a straw and have a drink - Ha

xenzag, Nov 19 2013


       Or just one airline ticket to Syria will provide a similar experience...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 19 2013

       I went on the London Eye last year - and they did something along these lines in the free '4D' presentation you can visit whilst waiting in the queue - quite fun really.
zen_tom, Nov 20 2013

       Porn movies would be fun.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2013

       Have you seen the sex with a car scene in The Counsellor yet? Cringe-making episode, though I quite liked the film, despite the fact that it's got some bad reviews.
xenzag, Nov 20 2013

       OK ...   

       After some thought, we have decided we like this.   

       1. The seat tips, vibrates, jumps (Seat belt required).   

       2. You can get blasted with hot or cold air, which may include fresh or sea water.   

       3. You can get showered with fake snow, peat (like dirt, but dry and easy to brush off).   

       4. The air can go from Narnia-cold to Ice-Cold-In-Alex hot (dry) or Apocalypse Now sticky/humid.   

       5. Smells - aviation fuel, smokeless or black powder, burning rubber, the smell of napalm in the morning .... Ahhh ... smells like .... victory ....   

       The scene in the waste disposal chamber in ANH would be interesting.   

       Extra vomit bags at small extra charge, or bring your own bucket.
8th of 7, Nov 20 2013

       I've seen very similar effects in Universal Studios. They advertise it as being "5D" i believe - where not only do you get puffs of air or water in your face timed to the 3D action on the screen, your seat also moves and bumps around a bit. During the Shrek show I remember the kids squealing when the Donkey character sneezed and we all felt a spray blast into our faces.
AusCan531, Nov 20 2013


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