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Crunchy Seats

Empty movie theater seats make masticating sounds.
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Not every seat would sound off, but they would all register body weight, and if the theater were sufficiently empty, a few would sound off. This is to preserve the experience of going to the movies, even when the theater is depressingly empty.
daseva, Jun 26 2008


       I'll hold my bun for this until you can guarantee there'll be no empty seats that talk all the way through the movie, giving away key plot moments; no empty seats whose cell phones ring every five minutes; and no empty seats that sound like bored, whiny kids.
Canuck, Jun 26 2008

       Yes, a faint and randomized crunch and ice shake is all you will hear. And it will reduce to no sounds somewhere an hour through.
daseva, Jun 26 2008

       It could laugh occasionally too, but only after it detects you laughing so it knows there's something funny.
phundug, Jun 26 2008

       Then here's a hot buttered popcorn-flavoured bun, easy on the salt.
Canuck, Jun 26 2008

       Heh, when I read this I thought the seats would make masticating sounds as if the seats had just swallowed their previous occupants and were smacking their lips.   

       Reading the full description didn't really clear up the confusion; Canuck's post did.
victor, Jun 26 2008

       //preserve the experience of going to the movies//   

       where you go to movies, [victor]?
daseva, Jun 27 2008

       oh so funny!   

       lets list other funny sounds.   

       smooching kisses in the back row...
po, Jun 27 2008


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