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Movie theater falls apart

Parts of the room interact with the movie
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Instead of a just regular movie with loud music and things thrown at you, while you continue to and sit and watch without even thinking of bending over, the guys in this movie hit the wall with a hammer and a crack starts spreading OUTSIDE the screen.

A few shots further and a water tank INSIDE the movie bursts and starts spraying water. The camera focuses on the ceiling which is being sprayed with green gooey something or other. Inside the movie someone is looking up and has it get in his eye and it is shown to be poisenous. That's when you feel the dripping on you, and looking up, see the scene continued onto the ceiling.

Back to the movie there's a shootout with dust falling on you, and the chandelier in the room actually shakes.

Things go flying and actually hit the spectators, who finally realize that this is no regular movie but something that may get to you. When your name is called out and the policeman in the movie actually points at you, maybe its time to say this is too much, and leave. But watch out, what's that giant thing rolling towards you? Is it real? Or just another scene?

pashute, Jan 28 2014

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       I read this and my inner child's voice went "and then, this other thing happens AND THEN..." Water spraying in your face when the screen character spits, etc is already known at Universal Studios etc but perhaps not WKTE - at least to the extent you envision.
AusCan531, Jan 28 2014

       In the rush for the door you are trampled by the feet of the others, but they are wearing very soft pillows on their feet
rcarty, Jan 28 2014

       We tried this here in Cambridge. It completely ruined my enjoyment of Brief Encounter.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2014

       So this is essentially Spiderman, the Ride.
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2014

       Thanks [Ray]! I liked the small print: Children between 40-48 must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion.   

       Then noticed it read 40"-48".   

       The difference between this and the spiderman ride is that its not a ride. You don't "plummet down" in a simulation. You are sitting at a supposedly regular theater. That's when things start going wrong. Its supposed to be a corrective experience for couch potatoes.
pashute, Jan 30 2014

       A twist on this could be a movie called 4D, about a movie house that decided to actually make this, without telling the audience, and how things went real bad. This movie is to be shown and throughout most of the movie it is "a regular" movie. Only toward the end the reality and movie experience begin gradually to converge until its too late.
pashute, Jan 30 2014

       I suppose your talking about Gregory Crewdson's Brief Encounters, and not the 1974 Sophia Loraine one, which, to today's audience, is so boring that nothing you'll do in the movie theater can wake you up.
pashute, Jan 30 2014

       You'd either be limited to a small selection of standardized effects, or a very small selection of theaters. You're talking about the sort of prep work that typically goes into a live stage show. Yes, it would be potentially thrilling (especially if the audience didn't know about it ahead of time), but the cost to deploy a specific set of effects for a given movie to the normal number of theaters would be astronomical, even by current movie budget standards.
MechE, Jan 30 2014

       The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago does. Small jets of air underneath your legs to simulate rats running around or something if I remember. They also have slight water sprays and back-poker things and rumble motors built into the seats, which also move slightly.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2014

       Totally baked at Universal Studios.
Just saw [normzone]'s link, too. In Backdraft, the entire sidewalk collapses under your feet and it's a good thing there are railings to hold on to!
xandram, Jan 30 2014

       OK, I'll have to tour the world some time in the near future to see it.
pashute, Feb 11 2014

       I dispute the "baked" as the point of theaters like Disney's is to enhance the experience but the point of this idea is to radically break the third wall in the opposite direction.
Voice, Feb 12 2014


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