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Australian Advent Calendar Chocolate Heat Sink Tree

Because you can't keep an advent calendar in the fridge
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A few days ago Marble Bar was officially the hottest place on Earth. Or so someone said who was working near there.

Anyway, chocolates. The advent calendar is flat at the front, as usual, but at the back its shape resembles that of a conifer. The "branches" are made from locally- sourced iron, for conductivity. The "snow" on the branches is cotton wool soaked in water. You stand it under the vents of the air conditioner, and the evaporation in the air current gives you that extra bit of cooling. Each chocolate, behind each door, rests against a cool plate of iron, so as not to melt.

pertinax, Dec 08 2021

The Ritz https://www.ritzcra...1121&&categoryId=69
[hippo, Dec 13 2021]

Lego® Advent Calendar https://www.lego.co...vent-calendar-60303
[hippo, Dec 15 2021]

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       //could you do the heat sink in copper?// - or, as it's Christmas, silver?
hippo, Dec 08 2021

       Myrrh like this please!
pocmloc, Dec 08 2021

       It's always sad to hear of another balming
Voice, Dec 08 2021

       //you can't keep an advent calendar in the fridge//
Why not? Especially if you have one of those new-fangled glass-door jobs.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 08 2021

       Never seen an advent calendar with glass doors
pocmloc, Dec 08 2021


       Yes, but we'd have to ship it in from Queensland.
pertinax, Dec 09 2021

       I'm not one for advent calendars but there is a nice idea here that can live in another form. A croissant is deserved. [+]
xenzag, Dec 09 2021

       Another way to do this would be to use the stable temperature of the soil under your feet. Once you're a couple of metres below the surface the temperature is pretty stable and so a good thermal conductor extended down to that depth will keep the part of it above ground also at a stable temperature. Thus, all that you need to do is to have your chocolates resting on the top of long copper (or silver, for better thermal conduction) spikes stuck into the ground. If you wanted to show off, you could have the spikes made from diamond or graphene, which are both even better conductors.
hippo, Dec 09 2021

       Diamonds are very stable (but are brittle and flammable). My question on diamonds though is whether to get the exceptional thermal conductivity possible with diamond it needs to be a single crystal. If so, producing single-crystal diamonds several metres long might push the price up beyond what the target market for this feels is justified to prevent chocolates melting.
hippo, Dec 09 2021

       Is there a halfbaked idea generator which randomly selects one word from each of several lists and splices them together into a whimsical, far- fetched idea? Eutectic Zip-up Pastrami Moose Whisker Covers.   

       Asking for a friend.
whatrock, Dec 09 2021

       Record for nanotubes is about a half meter in single tube production. ~140mm for high volume production. The largest lab grown diamond is only around 25mm, so we've got a ways to go.
MechE, Dec 09 2021

       Do you mean to say that F. Scott Fitzgerald book wasn’t true?
hippo, Dec 09 2021

       It might have been a very small ritz.
pertinax, Dec 13 2021

       [pert] Good point (see link)
hippo, Dec 13 2021

       I feel greatly deprived. (whoops, accidentally typed "depraved").   

       Anyway, I feel greatly deprived. I have never had an Advent Calendar, and I love chocolate. I'm also a fan of Christmas. Not so much for the real reason behind the season, but because I love all the carols, and the smells of Christmas are the best. I like fake trees, too. Recycling, ta-da.
blissmiss, Dec 13 2021

       [blissmiss]; you're among friends here. You can safely admit to being greatly depraved.
//I like fake trees, too//
<Anecdote> When I was young, I used to always get ill around xmas. Took years for my parents to realise that I was reacting to the (concentrated by being indoors) pine tree. Fake tree ever since. </a>
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 13 2021

       Typical advent calendar chocolate isn't great, in all honesty. At least not the ones the big box stores keep.
RayfordSteele, Dec 13 2021

       True. So imagine something ritzier. After all, with enough refrigeration, you could use Belgian* chocolates with real cream inside.   

       *assuming you could first persuade artisanal Belgian chocolatiers to emigrate to Port Hedland - that might be the hard part.
pertinax, Dec 13 2021

       Godiva makes an Advent calendar and that is decent chocolate. I love the title.
xandram, Dec 15 2021

       The Lego advent calendars (see link) are the best. We used to use the same one every year and found there's enough space behind the doors for the small Lego model provided for each day plus a chocolate from the classy chocolate manufacturer of your choice.
hippo, Dec 15 2021


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