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Auto-Immune Commander

Defend/Attack the body from/with hostile infectious agents.
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In this real time strategy, you lead one of two factions, akin to the Command and Conquer series. Instead of commanding tanks and infantry in a global war, however, you command teams of cells in a fight over a human body. Assuming the role of Auto-Immune Commander, you must gather resources from the bloodstream, build B-cells and Killer T-Cells, and research antibodies to defeat viral, bacterial, and parasitic invaders. You can also lead the Pathogenic charge, guiding your antigen assault force into invasion of cells, multiplication, and mutations to avoid detection, with the ultimate goal of creating a sizable amount of clones to leave the body and infect other humans.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 16 2005

Sorta like this, really http://www.amazon.c...104-8108101-5398301
[DrCurry, Nov 16 2005]


       They did a film about that, with associated video game (see link), although I've no idea if you can play the bad guy.
DrCurry, Nov 16 2005


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