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Auto-Shortening Tweeter

Auto-Shortening Tweeter.
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I know that in some ways this exists, but I'm really amazed that no one's been more programatically active in terms of developing a tweet-shortener. Remove proper and possessive pronouns, remove period-double-spaces, etc. ...
WCityMike, May 02 2009

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       As someone who twitters I put it to you that I might want to keep my period-double-spaces. I see the 140 character limit as a writing challenge rather than a limitation.
Aristotle, May 03 2009

Laughs Last, May 03 2009

       what the philosopher said.   

       txt spk hs bn d1 2 deth
po, May 03 2009

       Tweeters are already quite short; I'd like to see a much shorter sub-woofer.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 03 2009


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