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Redundant text killer

system wide filter for what you don't want to read again
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Irritated by the signatures in e-mail from free ISPs? E-mail newsletters with the same (lengthy) headers and footers every week? Daily memos with just a few percent new content? Get rid of it!

Just copy what you see too often and feed it to a text shrink icon. Next time it will prevent that exact phrase from appearing on your screen and replace it with a thin hairline, one pixel wide. Clicking on it and the text will reappear. Much like anti-banner software works, but those filter on domain names, bannersizes, and so on.

Perhaps it should also work with wildcards. You indicate what usually starts an advertisement and what it ends with.

It works system wide: in e-mail, in browsers, in word processors, anywhere.

The software talks with other clients through the net to learn to recognise clutter like this faster:

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rrr, Mar 04 2005


       If it is the pointless use of redundant space that is annoying you, surely the large gaps in your messages would eventually become as irritating
hidden truths, Mar 04 2005

       the firewall w/ Norton cuts everything out but the text, and leaves a bunch of empty boxes unless I "click here" to download pix. I kind of like that, but getting rid of the boxes would be good too.
dentworth, Mar 05 2005


       Yeah, works well. +
silverstormer, Mar 05 2005

       No empty space, but a thin vertical hairline where there used to be text. And empty space can never irritate as much as redundant text.
rrr, Mar 05 2005

       Not a murder mystery then?
half, Mar 05 2005

       [half] If you don't read the man pages of this new OS feature it might become one if you don't know why some text is killed.
rrr, Mar 05 2005

       Am I the only person who doesn't know what the hell [rrr] is on about there?
hidden truths, Apr 21 2005

       I think he's proposing replacing recurring text with a teensy proxy.
bristolz, Apr 22 2005

       _____________________ interesting.
hidden truths, Apr 22 2005


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