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This is a dashborde type softwhere that lets you set up unique identities for specific individuals that you correspond with on a regular basis.

This software makes it possible to automate misspelling and misspell on perpose without having to think about it.

It allows you to setup specific words to automatically misspell each and every time you send mail or messages to specific individuals.

The software will send a little cookie that will make the recipients software not see the spelling errors underlined in red.

The purpose of this software can be to irritate the spelling police especially if you have one as a friend. You might attempt over time to convince your brother that he is spelling a word incorrectly when in fact he is not. Another interesting outcome would be to see how long it would take before people attempted to correct your spelling. Ultimately the objective of this software is to accellerate the evolution of whatever language it is applied to.

vfrackis, May 03 2010

No misspelling required. http://ling.ed.ac.u...ammar/splitinf.html
[mouseposture, May 03 2010]

Entropy in information theory. http://en.wikipedia...information_theory)
[DrBob, May 04 2010]

Disenfranchising bad spellers? http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Literacy_test
Tempting .... but no. [mouseposture, May 05 2010]

Teresa likes angels. http://www2.kenyon..../Bernini-Teresa.jpg
[bungston, May 05 2010]


       crossants gallore from me on this won! I cant beleive some loosers have bone'd this grate idea!
pocmloc, May 03 2010

       Vary centsible.
jurist, May 03 2010

       //accellerate the evolution// well, yes, in a tautological sense, increasing the mutation rate accelerates evolution. As at Chernobyl -- and was that a good thing? A better way to accelerate evolution is to increase selection pressure. For example, by triaging misspelled emails directly to the "spam" folder, unread.   

       Anyway, *serious* language trolls can push buttons *without* committing errors.
mouseposture, May 03 2010

       // *serious* language trolls can push buttons *without* committing errors. //   

       Mutter, mutter, gerund, subordinate clause, split infinitive, mutter mutter ....
8th of 7, May 03 2010

       No! No, no, no!
awesomest, May 03 2010

       // *serious* language trolls can push buttons *without* committing errors. // //Mutter, mutter... split infinitive...//
Allow me to promptly demonstrate: <link>

       I didn't specify *spelling* errors.
mouseposture, May 03 2010

       ha ha +
Mustardface, May 04 2010

cloudface, May 04 2010

       I would use it to sockpuppet better. um... not that I would do such a thing...
Voice, May 04 2010


sp: entropy.
DrBob, May 04 2010

       + This might be achievable for email or IM clients which support JavaScript and CSS.   

       Embedded JavaScript could detect the "TO" and find/replace words you've selected to auto-incorrect.   

       Embedded CSS could modify displayed fonts to effectively suppress display of spelling errors.
StationPilot, May 04 2010

       There's definitely a left wing & a right wing in this thread. Power to the pedants! Deport bad spellers! Literacy testing at the polling sta... no, wait, that's not funny. <link>
mouseposture, May 05 2010

       Mi laugwaje hav accleleleated evluoitn beung adt fing u sin bevore wioot natool. Su fere!
wagster, May 05 2010

       I like the title for an off-broadway production. I envision a bawdy Godspell with St Teresa as the main character.
bungston, May 05 2010

       I was *this* close to asking "Why St. Theresa?"
mouseposture, May 06 2010

       So basically, this is a way to "encrypt" messages into a form such that, if they are intercepted by a person with pedantic tendencies, places said eavesdropper in danger of hypertension, arrhythmia, infarction, TIA, and cranial bursting. At the receiving end, decryption or grammatical apathy renders the message readable again.
lurch, May 06 2010


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