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Cat Toy Alarm Clock

Wake up by being trampled on by your cat
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This alarm clock features a cat toy that is set in motion at the headboard of your bed. The slight noise alerts kitty that it's playtime and he jumps up & down on your head trying to get the toy. Try sleeping through that!

Deluxe version features a laser pointer.

Snooze alarm: add catnip to the toy?

bovious, Dec 26 2007

An alternative method Feline_20alarm_20clock
[normzone, Dec 26 2007]

LOL Cats haz it http://icanhascheez...-practicin-for-you/
[ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 08 2008]


       I fear that the replacement costs on cats would put me in the poor-house.   

       // Deluxe version features a laser pointer //   

       Super-deluxe version features a laser. Cat-seeking. 3 kW.   

       #include <EOSSACR.h>
8th of 7, Dec 26 2007

       Just teach the cat to read the clock. They wake you by pouncing by nature.
Noexit, Dec 27 2007

       What Bubba said...
blissmiss, Dec 27 2007

       My cat tried to wake me up one day... It ended up kicked off and It didn't even manage to wake me up...
xxobot, Dec 29 2007

       damn it, the cat slept in today and now am late for the sales...
po, Jan 01 2008

The Kat, Jan 01 2008

       ..[bovious] wasn't *quite* ready to arise, so pressed the snooze button. A telescopic arm emerged from the bedhead with what resembled a miniature bear-trap mounted on the end. This snapped around the cat's muzzle and servomotors on the arm lifted the struggling moggy's flailing feet well clear of [bovious]'s head. The rubber diaphragm in the trap mechanism fitted snugly over the cat's mouth and nose. There would be at least ten minutes of comfy snooze time before [bovious] was woken by the shower of urine from the deceased beast's relaxing sphincter.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 02 2008


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