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Automatically fixes browser load time after testing add-ons and websites
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Firefox loading too slowly? Problems with add-ons, but your not sure which? Some of your open tabs are slowing down the browser?

Instead of running in safe mode and manually figuring out what's wrong with the browser, which add-on is slowing us down or which pre-loaded website is making trouble when you first launch the browser, we need an AutoBrowserFix program to do the following:

* Check for Internet connection - ping a universal URL
* analyze the time its taking for various inner processes - Add ons, theme loading etc.
* analyze the time its taking to load the pre-loaded tabs
* the user gets a report of problems and is asked if they wish to continue automatically or set up manually
* automatically: anything over a minute should be temporarily disabled and the browser restarted
* when done going over all loading - suggest a list of actions to be done, by selecting checkboxes, and then if the user chooses to do so, set up the browser automatically.
* has the option NEVER TO SAVE problematic websites, even if you closed the browser with SAVE TABS, but has a new option to LOAD SAVED SLOW TABS later.

pashute, Jul 16 2010

Google Chrome Features http://www.google.c...s/chrome/index.html
Some of these features appear in google chrome - or the side-effects of the issues are mitigated by the technique of adopting a different, independent process for each tab. I think there's also some clever functional tools for watching how fast each component runs to allow developers/interested amateurs to debug their sites. [zen_tom, Jul 22 2010]


       What's wrong with the idea?
pashute, Jul 22 2010


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