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anti adsquatting domain filter

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Block typo-squatting, and useless ad based sites automatically on popular browsers such as FireFox.


In order to promote good usage of the internet, all browsers should ignore links that points to sites that only contain 'ads' used by domain speculators to capture typo traffic.

This shall be via utilizing the same infrastructure by browsers such as FireFox's "web forgery" alerts. Which will give you a screen alerting you to the fact that this site is a typo squatting site, and asking if you really want to still go to it.

This shall bounce off 90% of users from clicking those ads, therefor preventing those people making money off it.

Of course, there should be the ability to for the user to report typo squatting site (perhaps by making 'this site appears suspicious, is it?' button appear sometimes).

Ultimately the idea is to help promote responsible usage of domain names for its intended purpose. To provide actual useful information for the benefit of the users.

mofosyne, Apr 17 2011

Firefox web forgery detection/protection http://www.mozilla....hishing-protection/
We can possibly piggy back on this system [mofosyne, Apr 17 2011]




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