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algorithmic logic fallacy checker browser plugin

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As you browse the web, a browser plugin would read your article.

It runs these words through an algorithm that assess the article for logical fallacies, as well as the persuasive tactics used in the article.

The user is automatically alerted to these dodgy wording via underlines for certain weasel words, or for obviously incorrect numbers or statistics (right clicking will show a "Does the author actually mean this? Collateral Damage - -> Civilians Killed" message).

In addition it provides a summerization function to more easily extract key ideas from the article, and remove all the extra fluff (usually for trying to persuade or mislead the reader). E.g. an entire article that sounds like its for something is found to actually mean something else by the summerization function.

In theory a scientific will have minimum alerts, while a typical tabloid article will throw up massive amount of alerts.

This eventually perfected, will act as a stupid filter for consumers to see pass useless informations from 'news' orgs like fox news, as well as politicians. And hopefully allows the common citizen to vote smartly.

Because surely while we are getting more information... the SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) of the news we are getting is probably getting smaller. Its not the people that is getting dumber, its our information diet! (especially if the easy source of information is controlled by too few individuals with malicious intent)

mofosyne, May 25 2014

Automatic summerization https://en.wikipedi...matic_summarization
[Voice, May 26 2014]

Give kids something to do Journalism_20Schooling
[FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2014]


       what [pertinax] will say.
Voice, May 25 2014

       ok. But are you sure this is not newspeak? +
pashute, May 25 2014

       //In addition it provides a summerization function//   

       This is exactly what we need. Barbecues, picnics, sunshine... Brilliant.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2014

       Nice idea, but within seconds SEO companies will be offering their services to help news organizations game the system.
AusCan531, May 26 2014

       We already have a computer quite capable of doing these analyses - it's called the human brain.   

       The problem is that the software is not universally installed.   

       This is an educational problem, not a technological one.
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 07 2014

       Automatic Sumerization - Google Translate into cuneiform
lurch, Jun 08 2014

       Although I sympathize with your indignation, [Akimbomidget], this idea confuses several different problems, and does not provide a solution to any of them. [-]   

       Probably also MFD-Magic.
pertinax, Jun 08 2014


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