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Really, what is that guy doing for 45 minutes?
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Automated pharmacy technology already exists, in use in some hospitals.

Yet whenever I stop at a pharmacy to pick up anything that's not over the counter, I get the "come back in 40 minutes" shtick.

My suspicion is that this is a "priesthood" event, pharmacists protecting their role in the world. But I see no reason why most of the process can't be jukebox automated, put RX in, get bottle back.

theircompetitor, Feb 28 2005


       probably needs 20 minutes to track down the doctor to interpret his handwriting. I'd prefer he / she got it right.
po, Feb 28 2005

       One thing that helps is to legally change your name to something that starts with "Q". You see, at Duane Reade pharmacies, they have a separate bin for each letter, and being an "S", I have to wait while the clerk rummages through 25 packages in the "S" bin to find my name. But I'm sure Mr. Quiggendorf doesn't have to wait that long.
phundug, Feb 28 2005

       These devices are making inroads -- we're converting, I might add. Prohibitions include cost, and as you imply, approval from regional and local boards of pharmacy.
reensure, Feb 28 2005

       Mr Quiggendorf has hypertension from people spelling his name with only one 'g', which is fine, but he takes forever to decide if he wants the capsules or tablets. By the time he's finished mucking aroung I can't be bothered asking the pharmacy staff to check both Mc and Mac for my prescription.
not_only_but_also, Mar 01 2005


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