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Chlorine Bucket Challenge

Open source promising Ebola treatments
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A common feature in Ebola-stricken West Africa is buckets of chlorine for people to disinfect with. The disease is ravaging West Africa and will keep ravaging parts of the world that don't have a first-world health system (basically more than half the planet) until we can slow/stop it somehow. There are promising treatments like ZMapp but they are only able to manufacture doses in the tens until 2015.

My idea is to start with ZMapp and crowdsource donations to buy the company and open-source all the processes to manufacture said drug. This wouldn't be easy as the drug is created by growing tobacco so you'd have to buy out some R.J. Reynolds patents and perhaps trade secrets. But enough money would talk (and it would even be good PR for R.J. Reynolds).

I'm actually not sure if this would get the drug to market faster but as a beneficiary of open-source software I think it's worth a try.

lepton, Aug 29 2014


       Lots of dead people, but with blonde hair...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 30 2014

       Government licensing of Zmapp, if it's effective, might be better managed than outright ownership, but [+]
4and20, Aug 30 2014

       // Das //   

       Sp. "Der" ("Das" is the nominative neuter), but well done on getting the Umlaut right.   

       Der Führer would probably have preferred Zyklon-B; you're probably thinking of Professor Fritz Haber, a leading proponent of chemical warfare, and clearly not a very nice man at all.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2014


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