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Auto Headbanger

for autoheadbanging
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It has come to my attention that a significant portion of rookie computer scientists spend a large amount of time banging their heads on their desks. This no doubt has a detrimental effect on their posture, eventually resulting in some kind of RSI, tennis elbow, or both. This could cost the employer money.

Smart employers, however, needn't be concerned, as they have all invested in Auto Headbanging Desks. Upon depression of the big red button, the entire worktop hydraulically raises and pivots to precisely bang against the operator's head (careful calibration is required), permitting said operator to maintain a perfectly healthy posture throughout.

Additional benefits include the automatic disposal of any items not bolted in place, and the option of a master remote control panel to satisfy the prerogative of casually despotic managing directors.

mitxela, Apr 01 2014

Caution - simulated blood and guts http://www.youtube....watch?v=JKWi5T2bSuc
But we've all been there [Sparky the Wonder Dog, Apr 01 2014]


       I am the guy who purchased one of your prototypes. You've probably seen the GIF file made of my first endeavors with it ( link )
Sparky the Wonder Dog, Apr 01 2014

       Perfect for those people who work at three desks simultaneously in an open square!   

       Could also be installed as a counter-version in government agency public offices and the public offices of other beurocratic organisations.
pocmloc, Apr 02 2014


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