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Magnadoodle Desk

An entire desk made of Magnadoodle
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I want an entire desk that I can write on *anywhere* and not have it rub off. And scratching notes into the wood with a switchblade is no longer "acceptable company behaviour" (stupid management...they'll get theirs...) Magnadoodle to the rescue! The *entire* desk surface is Magnadoodle. This product would license Doodler's Eraseable Magnadoodle technology. And of course it would come not only with the normal stylus, but also with the funtime shape maker thingies.
DeathNinja, Jul 28 2003


       I think that the "Magna" part of magnadoodle might cause some problems in a desk, if said desk had a computer on it. Magnets and monitors don't go together so well, nor do magnets and disks. I can just see someone erasing a week's worth of scribbling and accidentally a week's worth of work, as well.
gardengnome, Sep 18 2003

       ah, but a etch-a-sketch desk would be perfectly possible. outline the place for your computer and keyboard, for neatness
jonthegeologist, Sep 18 2003

       Should call it Magnadoodle Dandy so we can sing,   

       Magnadoodle came to Frown,
Writing on a Po' Knee.
Stuck a Tweezer in his Vat,
and called it Mack or Tony.

       Magnadoodle keep it up,
Magnadoodle Dandy,
Magnadoodle keep it up,
And with the Plurals be Candy.
oxen crossing, Sep 18 2003

       I once had a whiteboard for a deskcover. Someone had left it lying down and the movers just piled everything on it. It was great for quick notes, but it did rub off.
kbecker, Sep 18 2003

       <backs slowly away from [oxen]...>
DeathNinja, Sep 18 2003

       [DN] Reading your ideas is like turning a corner in my own mind. Now I want one of these so much.   

       When I was younger, I used to write things all over my desk (in my room, at home) with a permanent marker. As a result, the entire thing is covered with names, numbers, memos, sketches, lists, poetry and swear words. My brother has it now.</pointless ramblings>
Detly, Sep 18 2003

       Woops, sorry about that. My brain slipped for a minute (this stay at home dad thing is starting to have a numbing effect on the grey matter). I meant to say, [gardengnome], you'd have to try really hard to do any damage with the tiny little magnet in the magnadoodle stylus. The stampers are also pretty weak, but to be safe, just incorporate a storage area into the design of the desk that is away from any magnetic media. The monitor will be safe unless you try to write on it with the stylus, so just don't. The eraser wand under the surface might be a bit more tricky to keep safe from disks and tapes, but it's still pretty weak, and I'll bet you won't have too many problems. It'll probably be cheaper to deal with the lawsuits than to spend any money worrying about how to make it safe.
oxen crossing, Sep 19 2003

       <[DeathNinja]'s work desk arrives, rolling and shifting little metal bits and magnets as it moves.>
k_sra, Sep 19 2003

       [oxen] You should know better than to suggest moderation to [DeathNinja]... and saying something like :
//you'd have to try really hard to do any damage with the tiny little magnet in the magnadoodle stylus//
...is just asking for trouble. :P
Detly, Sep 21 2003


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