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Movable Multi-level desk

A desk with multiple tops that are stacked up, and can be moved up and down.
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A desk with multiple tops which can be moved up and down.

Too many projects? All lumped into one huge confusion on your desk? Simply put one on each desk top, and when you want to change desk tops, push your current desk top either up or down, and then use another one.

The idea is that the "legs" of the desk would be 7 feet high, and would be rails on which the different desk tops could slide up and down. If each desk top were also attached to some kind of springs or something, so that the weight of lifting five loaded desk tops at once would still be achievable, that would be useful too. It would also be necessary to have locks to lock in at least the desk top you're working on, and the desk top which is immediately above your head. If there were bumpers so that the desk tops were always at least 2-4 inches apart, that would also be useful.

wayland, Mar 03 2014


       Spaces IRL.
ytk, Mar 03 2014

       I need all that clutter to appear busy, and important. Wouldn't work for me. I'd just have to "stage" all the different levels. But a good idea for some others. Those who really DO work at work.
blissmiss, Mar 03 2014

       [+] Purely for paperwork/study, you could have each "desktop" rest on top of each other, with wheels. Slide one out and the ones on top descend with a "whomp" and you place the one you've selected on top. Common items - monitor, paper, pens, ref books - go on their own fixed shelves/drawers above.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2014


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