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Auto Mall

A super mall for all your vehicle needs
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Indoor car washing/drying, auto show rentals, drive inside the building and shop at name brand auto oriented shops - yes, you can park indoors (while your auto drys from its recent washing. This is a unique national car focused mall, exacly what you've wanted for one of the biggest expenditures of your life. It'll be lots of fun too. With lots of auto motiffs such as a year round indoor drive-in theater and roller skating burger joints.
jackoutofthebox, Oct 26 2002

Baked. See Link. http://www.coralspringsautomall.com/
Auto Mall. [CaptainWes, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Absolutely a brilliant idea to integrate so many of our memes under one comfortable, secure, all-embracing roof like this. Doing so would generate a lot of creative pressures (and therefore great economic growth) in the housing industry -- our notion of "garage" would morph accordingly to incorporate all household, entertainment, workspace and gustatory features to become another place in the house we use for so many reasons rather than just roling in and leaving ol' Betsy (that's the car, guys) in our traditional darkened temporary storage place. This'd work with the condo, hotel, motel and even the airport parking construction industry, too. Good on ya', Jack. Glad to see you out of the box.
ferdlew, Oct 26 2002

       what ferdy said (I think) but its still in the wrong category.
po, Oct 26 2002

       Nothing like a newb lauding praise on another newb
thumbwax, Oct 26 2002

       I'm thinking that this Auto Mall would be more appropriate for northern climates. I hate washing my car in the winter and then trying to get it to dry.
jackoutofthebox, Oct 26 2002

       I do like this and I think that I would be a customer. +   

       sp: motifs
bristolz, Oct 28 2002

       I was expecting this to be a mall where you never had to get out of your car, essentially a collection of drive through shops. May not work for some categories of shopping such as clothes.
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 20 2003

       PHD, if you never get out of your car why would you need well-fitting clothes? Just any old duds will do.   

       jack, is this near the mark? I see this as a big warehouse-type operation where you drive up and get out of your vehicle. You toss your keys to a valet who gives you a claim-check for your vehicle. When you enter the building you go to the reception desk where you tell them exactly what you want done to your ride and you get tokens or tickets for your activities, like the drive-in movie, for example. You don't actually drive in and out of the lot, you simply walk across the (indorr) parking lot to a car (it's a mock-up) such as that 1957 T-Bird convertible over there. You get in and watch the feature from behind the wheel of the classic car. Beside you there's a family enjoying the show from an old wood-panelled station wagon, behind you there's a couple making out in a Nash Rambler. (For cases where minor bodywork or painting was required, you would be able to stay for the double feature). When the show is over you exit to a shopping area where you can pick out new floor mats for your vehicle, a set of seat covers, or simply decide between the pine-scented air freshener that looks like a little tree or the cartoon character that smells like vanilla. Next, when you feel hungry, there's the retro-diner. Again, you have the option of dining while seated in a mock classic car or you can eat inside the restaurant. There would be pinball and arcade games to pass the time while you are having your pride and joy spit-shined and fully detailed, and even driving simulators to evaluate your skills. When you hear your claim-check number called out over the PA you make your way to the exit and settle up your bill. Outside, your fresh-as-a-daisy, like-new vehicle awaits in all its shiny glory, with the new floor mats, seat covers, or air freshener already installed.
Canuck, May 20 2003


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