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Car Compatibility Quiz

To see if your significant auto is right for you
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A frequent item in women’s magazines, I hear, is the companion compatibility quiz. Such a test could be used with few changes ("other" -> "auto") in car magazines with mostly male readers:

Do you often take your significant auto out to restaurants and movies?

Does your s a emit foul-smelling fumes?

Do you drink too much when you are with your s a?

Do you have common leisure interests such as sharing free time on weekends or taking your s a on vacation?

Would your s a hold your coffee cup when your hands are full?

Do you buy expensive extras for your s a?

Do you show-off and brag about your s a to others?

Are you dependent on each other?

Do you enjoy your s a less when the kids are with you?

Do you often stare at other, better-equipped cars?

Do you often wash and rub down your s a?

Do you loan your s a out to others?

Do you feel safe and secure with your s a?

Do you make your s a wait in the rain and then leave in a taxi when the car’s feeling under the weather?

FarmerJohn, Aug 01 2002

huh, according to this one, I am short on originality.. http://www.ticino.c...sr/opadlina/car.htm
what do they know anyway [po, Aug 01 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Which automobile are you? http://www.youthink...ion=take&quiz_id=80
Small and kind of lame. [jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Aug 09 2005]

Which car is right for you? http://members.aol.com/Z321go/Autohor.htm
By horoscope. [jutta, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Hej, come on guys, give me a clue. If you want better postings, you've got to tell me what's wrong. How about a quiz:
1. Don't try to be funny in the car category.
2. It wasn't a bit funny.
3. Don't mix feelings with cars.
4. You didn't get it.
5. It was too long.
6. I've posted too much already this week.
7. It was too ordinary; do something more bizarre or sexy
8. All of the above.
9. Other _________
FarmerJohn, Aug 01 2002

       recent survey of car owners and the colours of their cars. I cannot remember all of it but I have a green car which means I am most likely to shout at my passengers and get lost. anyone remember the details or do I have to do some homework?
po, Aug 01 2002

       croissant for the idea and sending us Sven.
po, Aug 01 2002

       gee po, that IS a surprise. at least it validated the quiz. FJ, I've seen these done for 4X4 (redneck) magazines, count yourself lucky, I've got no votes for or against on my latest idea, indifference is worse than anything.
rbl, Aug 01 2002

       well I was going to resurrect yours too but I won't now. hah.
po, Aug 01 2002

       2, but its a good idea(+)
Voice, May 13 2008


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