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Auto Show Babes

A voting system for the Best Auto Show Babe
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So I was at the Detroit Auto Show yesterday. The Best Exhibit prize went to Scion, a subsidiary of Toyota.

However more than the cars, it was the impossibly gorgeous women "manning" the various stands, that really caught my eye (and heart....gosh I hope she gave me her real number).

I propose a voting system for the Best Auto Show Babe. On their way out, visitors will be able to scroll through a pictorial touch-pad directory to vote for The One.

The anticipated surge to The One's company exhibit will make the companies hire hotter and hotter women, thus making the Auto Show a very pleasant experience. I suppose this can be implemented at any car show in the world.

samosa_pirate, Jan 21 2007

Nopi Chic http://www.nopichic.com/
Number One Parts, Incorporated [ed, Jan 23 2007]


       Oh, be honest with yourself and just download some porn. (+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 21 2007

       /The anticipated surge to The One's company exhibit will make the companies hire hotter and hotter women, thus making the Auto Show a very pleasant experience. I suppose this can be implemented at any car show in the world./   

       Now there's an idea.   

       How exactly does your automated touch pad system help? Do you think car companies don't know a hottie when they see one?
Texticle, Jan 21 2007

       just go to an auto show in japan. they've already refined the art to the point where the show is more about the babes than the cars.   

       it's seriously funny to watch all the otaku foaming at the mouth taking pictures of these girls. the top hotness can command a near-violent mob, and are only able to 'show' for 10 minutes at a time for crowd control purposes.   

       if you want to actually see the cars, then best to pull a wankee from your battered-slug before showing up. i'd hate for n. american shows to end up like this.   

       keep the babes and the tech apart i say - that way you can focus on one at a time.
TIB, Jan 22 2007

       TIB you make a good point
samosa_pirate, Jan 22 2007

       I was so expecting that title to be an idea in the computer category. Browser preference, perhaps.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 23 2007

       Not just auto shows, a lot of excibit shows uses these types of models, even geeky comic book conventions.   

       I'm sure the model agency would appreciate the input, but it's the car makers etc. that hires these babes for the shows so they make the decition, and they want you to pay attention to their product, not the hotties.
the great unknown, Jan 23 2007

       Brilliant!!! I bet you've got a HUUUUUUGE car.   

       Surely if you want to look at new cars, the auto show is already "a very pleasant experience". However, I imagine it's a very unpleasant experience for drooling fuckwits who are furtively glancing round to check that no-one's noticed them frantically pocket-pooling and who really want to get back to their skanky bedrooms for a quick five-knuckle shuffle over a pic of some woman in a bikini posing unnaturally and possibly painfully on the bonnet of a shiny car.   

       Sexist prick.
Murdoch, Jan 23 2007

skinflaps, Jan 23 2007

       Because even if the visitors are more interested in the cars (or whatever), the press photographers certainly won't be, and a Lexus with a blonde on the bonnet = a free Lexus advert in tomorrow's Sun.
angel, Jan 23 2007

       "If 'he' is a 'she' then are they still sexist? Or are only men and boys capable of ogling at car shows? "   

       If he is a she, she's guilty of reinforcing the sort of objectification of women that this idea supports and as such deserves to be expelled from the sisterhood of, errrrm, sisters.   

       I'm sure women are just as capable of ogling - it's just that they haven't based any perceived gender superiority on the mindset that goes with it.   

       I should know - I'm sick to death of crowds of baying women surrounding me when I wash my car in shorts and a wet vest. Granted, they're from the local council and they've had complaints from the neighbours. Fair do's - I look more like a waterbomb that a waterbabe. See the way I'm trying to use humour to deflect attention from my possibly offensive use of the phrase "sexist prick"?
Murdoch, Jan 23 2007

       I smell a new invention...the "Sexist Prick". It's a fingerpoint blood test that will determine how sexist a person is.   

       At any rate, NOPI has baked this at their events. Between watching drag races, spectators watch scantily-clad women dance and vote on the one they like the most.
ed, Jan 23 2007

       I still want my "Auto Show Babes" tick box in Explorer preferences!
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 27 2007


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