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Automated Pussy Wettener

Bad kitty bustin' in absentia
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Fact: Cats love destruction.
Fact: Cats hate water.
Fact: Spraying water on kitties deters them from engaging in destructive behaviors.
Fact: You cannot spray bad kitties with water if you are not present.

Until now.

Solution: The Bad Kitty Buster is a small, automated spraybottle-sized device that can be mounted or placed in locations where kitty is known to be destructive -- say, near the corner of the sofa that kitty enjoys destroying by sharpening her claws on it, or near the bedroom door, where kitty enjoys destroying the carpet by reaching under and tearing it up. ...just like she was gleefully doing this morning. BAD KITTY.

When kitty is observed naughtily destroying Owner(that's you)'s valuable chattel, Owner merely presses the LEARN button on the remote control device that activates the nearby Bad Kitty Buster. The device is equipped with sound and motion sensors, and it thus instantaneously "learns" what behavior it is that Owner is trying to deter. Now, whenever kitty is in that location and attempts to commence destructive acts, the Bad Kitty Buster will squirt some of that repellent H20 at kitty, thus conditioning kitty NOT to be bad.

Owner WILL have to first catch kitty in the act of destruction in order to instruct Bad Kitty Buster what behavior to deter, but the device acts autonomously thereafter. After kitty has been appropriately conditioned, the Bad Kitty Buster can be retired from service. Because the BKBs are only needed temporarily until kitty is trained, they could be rented from a vet or animal trainer to defray the potentially high costs of manufacturing them.

nihilo, Jun 15 2006

(?) Here's your prototype system http://www.ag.aubur.../fall96/misting.htm
[normzone, Jun 15 2006]

(??) Zia, this one's for you. http://tinypic.com/der11h
Very cute, but very bad. [nihilo, Jun 15 2006]

(???) Here is an "Automated Pussy Wettener" in operation http://www.fantasya...i/Dali_Atomicus.jpg
{Perfectly safe for work) [normzone, Jun 15 2006]

The cats learn to adapt. http://msgr.ca/msgr...ter%20ski_small.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 16 2006]

Early in the training sequence http://i140.photobu...ents/animals/36.jpg
[ldischler, Jun 16 2007]

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       So LEARN teaches the unit, and the unit teaches the cat? I'll vote for that.
ldischler, Jun 15 2006

       Well, here's your prototype system [link], and another [link] to an existing unit.
normzone, Jun 15 2006

       I'm bunning [normzone]'s second link! That one really works well.
xandram, Jun 16 2006

       This fails to meet my origional expectations. It fails them greatly.   

       Still, good idea. Bun!
notmarkflynn, Jun 16 2006

       Some friends of mine once had an idea for a self-basting pussy. Although this idea is (probably) unrelated, might I suggest attaching the Pusssy Wettener to the Pussy? That is, perhaps a collar full of fluid, with a spray attachment activated by proximity to your designated kitten no-go-zones? I'm sure there would be a role to be played by RFID tags here, although the involvement of geothermal energy, carbon nanotubes, or custard needs still to be debated. If your pussy is hydrophilic, fill the collar reservoir with mace.
m_Al_com, Jun 17 2006

       How about a bucket to simply drown the worthless creature. Fact: Cats hate water
Antegrity, Jun 18 2006

       Fact: Saying fact in an firm, authoritative voice before saying something means absolutely nothing.
notmarkflynn, Jun 19 2006

       Next I suppose you'll be telling us that 91.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
nihilo, Jun 19 2006

       No, that's lies you're thinking of.
Jinbish, Jun 19 2006

       Statistics are 96.1% made up.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 19 2006

       That's 177% false.
nihilo, Jun 19 2006

       The unit should use compressed air for sound or a modified AirZooka (see link). It should always warn "NO" or "Bad Kitty" (in your voice of course). If the verbal warning and the air dont stop the little pussy, then loud barking sounds should help.
MoreCowbell, Jun 19 2006

       Mmmm ... Wet pussy.
neelandan, Jun 20 2006

       5 out of 3 of you are wrong
tatmkr, Jun 21 2006

       Nine lives are better than one.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       juicy buns for the title [++++]
MoreCowbell, Jun 22 2006

       How did I miss this +
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 15 2007

       2 soft moist buns for the title. Ingenious.
punk_punker, Jun 16 2007

       The title is very misleading. Or am i just sick-minded. Or both.
twitch, Jun 18 2007

       I used to use a pump-up water pistol to deter my cat. When it ran out I found that the air was enough to stop her. After a while, just pumping it up sent her scurrying.
marklar, Jun 18 2007


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