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a font with clearly distinct lI|1, O0, rnm
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To make reading faster, less ambiguous, less error/prone: let us use a font with visually more distinct signs: e.g. capital i, lowercase l, 1 (one), | (the "or" sign) should be more distinct; capital o [a circle] and zero [not only narrow, but also tapering, almost like a rhombus]; r before n rn should differ from m, c before l cl should differ more from d [the vertical line of d could continue further down; this way would differ from the mirror of b too]. q should have the right curve appendix from its bottom point to make it different from 9 and the mirror image of p.
jratkai, May 17 2015


       Ummmm, [jratkai], if you read your own summary, you will see that the font selected by our esteemed [jutta] for the HB fu11flIIs these requ|rements.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 17 2015

       A zero can be distinguished by having a slash through it; some fonts have it that way; others don't.
Vernon, May 17 2015

       The only thing that bother me about the font used here on the HB is that it's impossible to tell a "q" from a "q". Apart from that it's perfect.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 17 2015


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