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Automatic Bathroom Fan

Detect moisture and act accordingly
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Some people have a hard time remembering to turn on or off the fan in the bathroom, and sometimes it's not easy to time how long it should really stay on after a shower. Proposed is a moisture sensor that will turn the fan on when the humidity is above a certain threshold and turn it off when the humidity has returned to normal.
kevinthenerd, Feb 27 2012

Humidistat http://www.justfans...midistat-p-232.html
For example, you can buy this one to connect to your bathroom fan. [prufrax, Feb 27 2012]


       Well and truly baked. Humidistats are widely known to exist.
prufrax, Feb 27 2012

       [+] anyhow for giving me the idea. I'm one of those bathroom fan forgetters, so Ima go right out and buy me a humidistat.
Alterother, Feb 27 2012


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